Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Cabin Trip

So this past weekend we went to the cabin again. And all I can say was wow it was quite the trip. Every time we go up there Makenna is either throwing up from lack of sleep or she is just sick. This time we realized that she has horrible allergies. Her eye's were running and puffy and she couldn't stop coughing the whole time we were up there. We were already planning on seeing the allergist because she has had a cough since April but now we know that she has bad allergies. So we will have to go and see what he has to say. But besides the lack of sleep, throwing up, and non stop coughing it was a fun trip. Here are some picture's of course from the weekend. I just can't seem to add a post with out them!

Shane and Cali brought her parents Ranger up and it was so much fun to go for rides in

Makenna liked to sit up front and drive

Grandma brought lots of crafts for the kids to do. This was a little covered wagon that they were working on.

Makenna fell asleep on one of our four wheeler rides. That helmet was really heavy to hold up.

They were enforcing helmet laws up to the cabin this time so we stopped in Heber and bought one for Makenna. We have been wanting to get one for her but they were so expensive. I'm glad we were forced to get one for her. It definitely is a lot safer.

I just had to add this last picture. Makenna wanted to take a picture of Wes. So this is her first ever photo. She almost didn't get him in the shot!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Makenna's New Shirt

Makenna got to wear a new shirt to grandma and grandpa's yesterday, and she looked so cute in it that we had to take her picture and post it.

Yup, Makenna is going to be a big sister. She is so excited. Right now she is obsessed with babies and she likes to give kisses to momma's baby. She even points to her own belly and says "my baby!" The baby will arrive sometime between Christmas and New Years. Perfect time of year. (Well perfect time of the year for the flu season.) We are officially due January 1st but the doctor said he would induce me a week early. But that would be Christmas day so it will have to be sometime that week. So everybody keep a watch on my baby ticker and that way you will know about how many more shopping days you have left tell Christmas!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone! I know it's a couple days late but better late then never! Well we had a fun one. We woke up Saturday morning and had the best dutch oven breakfast up to my parents house. Then we had a water party with Makenna's pool, a slip and slide and of course a sprinkler under the trampoline. Makenna was just in heaven. Then we had a BBQ with the Southwick's and we watched fireworks up to Rus and Kristy's place. They have a good view and it's not overcrowded with people. It was a very nice and relaxing weekend. We even got Makenna to finally hold a sparkler. She was so cute! And of course I've got some pics of the weekend.

Makenna dumped water all over me and started a water fight with the rest of my family

Papa and Nana playing in Makenna's pool with her

Jumping on the tramp with Weston and Becca

She liked to be wrapped up in a towel whenever she got wet

Watching fireworks with Shali

This is the best we could get of the fireworks with our camera

Makenna loves popcorn! So we brought some to eat while we watched the fireworks