Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Part 4

We had a fun weekend loaded with activities to celebrate Halloween. It started on Friday where we went to my mom's work and my sister's work and trick or treated around everyones offices. They had so much fun and got a ton of candy, treats, and prizes. Then that night we had a trunk or treat in our ward. This was the first one I had ever been to and next year we will be more prepared with food for dinner and our trunk all decorated. It was lots of fun. Then on Saturday we went to my friends parents house who had done a spook alley that was so cute for the kids. They had lots of games going on too. Then we hit all the grandparents, great grandparents and a few houses in our neighborhood. It was raining and Makenna just wanted to go to a couple of her friends houses so Weston took her around while I stayed at home with Kason and Shellie. It has been a fun weekend and thanks to everyone who spoiled the kids!

Isn't this the cutest Belle you have ever seen?!

I had to get a picture from behind. He was just so cute and cuddly!

Look at that handsome dragon!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joy School Field Trip

On Tuesday I had arranged for our Joy School to go to the Lehi Fire Department for a field trip. The kids had so much fun and learned so much about fire safety. I think it was a great experience for all of them. Here are some pics of us at the Fire Station.

Teos and Makenna. This is Makenna's first real friend and they play so cute together.

The whole class (plus some siblings) out in front of one of the firetrucks

Here is Makenna sitting in the firetruck

Fireman Dorton showed the kids all of the tools on the truck

Football Season

It is football season again and I was so excited to get Kason a shirt that would match Makenna's dress from last year. So here they are.

Aren't these the cutest kids ever!

Halloween 2010 Part 1,2 and 3

Last Monday we went and picked out our own pumpkins for family night. It was lots of fun to go walk around and look for the perfect pumpkin. Although we were a little late picking pumpkins and they seemed to be really picked over. That's all right though because we still had tons of fun.

Looking for the perfect pumpkin

Makenna looks just like a model here. I think we might be in trouble when she gets older!

Cute kids at the pumpkin patch

Bringing our pumpkins home and putting them out on the porch

Then yesterday we went to my parents house and carved our pumpkins. It was lots of fun! Makenna picked the castle to no surprise and Kason got a smiley face because he is always so smiley!

Here's our handy man cutting our lids off for us

Makenna wasn't hesitant at all to put her hand in and start pulling everything out. She loved it!

Kason wanted to help us too!

Makenna's Castle and Kason's Smiley Jack o' Lantern

Sitting by our pumpkins

Then last but not least the Halloween festivities wouldn't be done until we made sugar cookies and frosted them. Makenna loved cutting them out with the cookie cutters. I should have cut the recipe in half. We still have a ton of cookies. We need to get rid of them or I'll eat them all!

Cutting out the different shapes

Makenna loved putting chocolate chips for the ghosts eyes

Kason liked eating them!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

9 Month's

I can't believe how fast time has flown by!!! Kason is already nine months old! I think I have always looked forward to the fall time and Christmas time but this year I am so sad. Because once Christmas comes my baby will be a year old! I can't believe it is happening so fast! Well we took him to the Dr this week and here are his stats

Length 27.5 in 25.16%

Weight 20.77 lb 55.32%

Head 18 in 63.68%

Kason is such an active boy. He is always wiggling and moving around. He rolls all over the place and he can do an army crawl/scoot. It is just the cutest thing ever! He is also loving food. He will eat about everything we put in front of him. I wonder if he is going to be one of those teenagers that is never full! He is also a spitter. He loves to spit. He does it when he's playing, eating, or talking with people. He is really cute when he gets excited and he just starts spitting. Although it is a little embarrassing when you are at church or out in public and he is spraying strangers but oh well. He's just too cute and lovable to care. Kason also has three teeth now and lots of cute fuzzy hair on top of his head. I'm still learning how to control it but I love it! He is just that happiest, sweetest, cutest, most lovable little boy I could ever ask for and we sure do love him!