Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Round-up week

Last week was round-up week and boy was it a busy one! We started out with the picnic in the park on Monday, the boutique in the park on Wednesday, the stock parade and rodeo on Thursday and then the city parades and rodeo on Friday and Saturday. Plus I was put in charge of our wards float (very last minute might I add) for the parade so we have been pretty busy all month. The float turned out okay. Not amazing but okay. We did what we could with what time we had. So here are a bunch of pictures from last week.

Makenna in her cute cowgirl hat at the rodeo.  She was all in pink because it was "tough enough to wear pink night"!
Kason at the rodeo.  He didn't wear pink this year.  I got too much crap last year because I put a pink onesie under his denim shirt.  But he sure looked handsome! (both years)
This was our ward float.  The theme was Memories of...Capturing Summer Memories One Smile at a Time.  We had pictures of the ward kids all around the float and in the film strip. Since it was a camera my awesome husband even hooked up a light to a battery so it would flash like a camera.
Makenna was on the float Friday and Kason walked with me in the wagon on Saturday.
Makenna wanted candy on Saturday so here she is on the parade route.
Makenna loves to ride the horses at the park every year.  We tried to get Kason to do it this year but he just screamed!  So much for our wasted dollar!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

18 month's

Kason is 18 month's old today.  I can't believe how big he is.  I still think of him as my little baby but I'm afraid he just isn't any more.  He is such a toddler and he thinks he is as big as Makenna.  If she is doing anything he is right behind her to do the same.  Normally I would think this is a good thing except for the fact that they are always trying to jump off the couch or the stairs.  He is starting to talk and can say mom, dad, Ma (Makenna), done, please, thanks, love you, shoe and cheese.  Plus I swear he said rodeo last week.  He also loves to make sounds.  Mostly choo-choo for train and then the dog and cow noises. 

We went to the doctors today for shots and a check up and I came out totally surprised.  Usually he is short and chunky on the charts but this time he was really the opposite.  He must have finally hit a growth spurt!  Here are his stats

Weight - 25.13 lbs and 40.14%
Height - 32.75 inch's and 65.14%
Head - 19.25 in and 80.14% 

So our little man is growing up happy and healthy and boy do we love him!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kids Pictures

A few weeks ago my friend took some pictures of the two kids for us. They turned out so cute!!! I was so excited yesterday when I finally got to see them. Kason was pretty much a stinker the whole time so we didn't get any great shots of him but there were a couple that were cute. He just wouldn't hold still or look at the camera! Makenna was the perfect model and we got a ton of really cute ones of her. We did these pictures for Makenna's 4 year old pictures and Kason's 18 month pictures. Even though they were a month early for Kason I figured I better do them all at the same time. For his year pictures he had a broken arm so I had to wait a month to do them so they were late. Oh well. Anyways here are a few of them.

Isn't he so handsome!?!

So Adorable!!!

She is such a model with all her poses!

So cute!

The only one of the two of them. Kason just would not cooperate! He just wanted to sit down in the dirt and play!

I love this one!

Doesn't she look so big! So much older than 4

I love this little guy!

He wouldn't stay on the box. He is such a wiggle worm. But a cute one!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Swimming Lessons

I signed Makenna up for swimming lessons this summer and it's been going for this week and continues on into next week. It has been really good for her because she has a hard time in the water. She seems to be afraid of everything about it. But I have gotten her to stay in class, and participate for the most part. She kept having excuses of having to go to the bathroom, a swimming band aid (I don't even know what she is talking about with that one), and then she is terrified of the bucket dumping water on her. But things are going better and she was really excited to wear her new swimming suit. So hopefully next week goes better!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thomas the Train

Since Weston had lots of time off over Memorial Day weekend we decided to take the kids to the Day Out With Thomas up in Heber. We didn't tell Makenna where we were going and when we pulled up she got so excited. I didn't even know if she would be that into it but I think she enjoyed it more than Kason did! They both really enjoyed it and had lots of fun. It was a great family outing and I'm so glad we went!

Getting on the train! Both kids loved the train ride!

Playing with some train sets they had set up

Kason loved these! I'm trying to convince Weston to build a table for Kason for his birthday. He would absolutely love it!

Meeting Sir Topham Hat

6 years

Happy Anniversary Wes! Wow, I can't believe it's been 6 years already! 6 great years and hopefully a million more!

Notice the Christmas decorations in the background? This is the most recent picture I could find of Weston and I together. We definitely need to get more pictures of us. We're always too focused on those cute kids of ours!

Well Happy Anniversary Wes. You are the most caring and amazing husband I could ever ask for. You really are the greatest. Love you!