Thursday, May 31, 2012

Makenna's Preschool Graduation

Our Graduate!

Yesterday was Makenna's preschool graduation.  It was so exciting and a little sad all at the same time.  I don't think I'm ready for her to start kindergarten next year but I am also so proud of her and all that she has learned this year.  She has loved her preschool, The Busy Bees, and her teacher, Miss Mandy.  She only had two melt downs afterwards when she realized that it was all over.  She just kept crying and saying she wanted to see Miss Mandy.  Pretty cute and funny all at the same time.  For the last couple months all she's told me is how she doesn't want to go to preschool anymore she just wants to go to kindergarten.  So hopefully she will still be excited in a couple months!
For their program they did a cute little thing with the Alphabet and Makenna's parts were for "K" and "V"

K is for Kitten to ready to eat
V is for Vacuum to clean up the crumbs

Then they sang some songs

and then Miss Mandy presented all of them with a little spotlight and gave them a diploma and a c.d. of all the songs they liked to sing at school.

It was a cute little program and thanks to both Grandma Powell and Grandma Southwick for coming and celebrating with us!  Here is her whole class

Congratulations Makenna!  You've learned and grown up so much!  We love your!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Makenna's Dance Recital

Makenna's Dance Depot Recital was on Saturday May 12th.  She had two dances this year.  She did really well and she has learned a lot.  She always loves dance and has so much fun so I'm glad she has found something she enjoys so much.  Hopefully she will continue to love it and have fun!

Her first dance was Crocodile Rock.  She is the second one in.

Then her second dance was Surfin' USA.  She is in the front right here.

Here is Becca, Makenna and Maddi.  They all had performances and did a great job.

Makenna's Crocodile Rock dance costume.  Look at those long curly pony tails! 

Her Surfin' USA outfit and her flowers from Grandma Powell.  She was so excited to get them.

The two cutest girls around!  I can't wait tell Brynn's old enough and we can have two girls at recital!

Makenna with her dance teachers.  Grandma Southwick and Aunt Cali.  Thanks so much for being great teachers!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Makenna's Birthday

Where did the last 5 years go? I can't believe she is so old! I can't believe that I am so old to have a 5 year old! I don't think I'm ready to have her going to school everyday either. This next year might be hard for me and Kason. He loves his sister and loves to play with her so it might be rough having her gone every day.So Friday was the party with friends and cousins and then Saturday (her birthday) she had to wait all day long to open her presents. The dance recital was at 3 and she had curlers in her hair all morning so I didn't want to celebrate and have pictures with ugly curlers in her hair. But after the recital she picked to go the the Pizza Factory for dinner where she devoured her "twisty breadstick!" Then finally we made it home about 8:30 and she opened her presents. She was very patient all day and she did awesome at her dance recital. We are so proud of our little dancer!

This is Makenna with her pizza. I missed her eating her twisty breadstick because I was out in the car feeding Brynn. But she loved it and ended up eating the rest of Kasons!

And here is Kason with his pizza! He was having a pretty rough day. Not much sleep with the camp out the night before and then he got woken up from his nap early so we could make it to the dance recital. 

For her birthday she got lots of Lalaloopsy's, pink cowgirl boots, a new sprinkler, a lite brite, a scooter and a soccer ball.  Kason got her a set of Ariel Squinkies and Brynn got her some princess wall stickers.  She definitely got spoiled with her birthday being stretched out into a 3 day event.

 Her Lalaloopsy school bus

He new pink cowgirl boots!  Isn't she such a model?

 Riding her new scooter with her cousins at Grandma and Grandpa Powells house

Shellie made yummy individual flower cakes.  Makenna wanted a strawberry one.

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and presents.  Makenna had an awesome 5th birthday!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Makenna's 5 Year Stats

I took Makenna to the doctor this week for her 5 year check up and her kindergarten shots.  She had to have 4 shots.  One in each arm and leg.  She was so brave during the whole check up and wasn't even nervous about getting the shots.  And then when the nurse came in and did the first poke she just started crying and by the last shot she was screaming.  Poor girl didn't even realize what was coming.  But she did awesome and she is so ready to start kindergarten.  She did fail the eye test again so we really need to get her back to the eye Dr.  If she gets glasses I want her to be adjusted to them by the time school starts.  But here are her stats at 5 years old

Weight                                        35.49 lbs 20.61%
Height                                         42.75 in   57.68%
BMI (weight to height ratio)       13.65       6.81%

She's our tall and skinny girl!

Makenna is a very sweet and independent girl.  She loves to play with friends and she loves to help me out by holding Brynn.  She is very excited to be going to kindergarten and she has loved preschool.  She can count to 29 and she can recognize all the letters in the alphabet although she still can't sing the alphabet song.  Silly girl.  She loves to do art projects and crafts.  Anything with coloring, painting, cutting or gluing will keep her occupied for hours.  And she absolutely loves dancing.  This year she has been in two different dance classes at two different studios.  And when we are at home she is always dancing around. 

We love our little ballerina so much and are so glad she is apart of our family.  Love you Makenna!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kason's First Fish!

Last weekend was my dad's father and sons camp out so Weston took Kason and joined my dad, my brother and his boys for the camp out and fishing.  Kason had tons of fun and even caught a fish.  He looks so cute in the pictures I just wish I could have been there to see him!  But I'm glad they all had so much fun.  When I asked Kason what his favorite part was he said eating hot dogs.  So apparently he didn't even eat the fish he caught!

Our two handsome boys fishing!

Isn't this the cutest boy you've ever seen!

 Grandpa Powell and Kason with his first fish!

 This is in my parents trailer.  The two couches pull out into a bed and that is where Kason and Weston got to sleep that night.

Now I can't wait tell the whole family gets to go on a camping trip!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Makenna's Ariel Birthday Party

For Makenna's birthday she wanted an Ariel party.  Not to be confused with the Little Mermaid.  She loves Ariel when she has her legs and I think that's because that is who she got to meet at Disneyland.  We have looked everywhere for an Ariel dress but all they make is the Little Mermaid.  So for her party, she had a friend/cousin party the day before her birthday since her grandma scheduled the dance recital on top of her birthday.  For her party I made her an Ariel cake and we played a bunch of games that were ocean themed.  Her birthday invitation was even given out as a message in a bottle.  It was a pretty cute idea if I do say so myself!  Here it is.

So each girl got an invitation in a bottle with sand and some sea shells.  Then once they got to the party they each got a flower lei

And the party was decorated to be as if we were under the sea.  The girls first had to walk through the waterfall

And then we had bubbles all over the walls just like in the ocean!

We even had fish friends come and join us at the party!

Then we played pin the flower crown on Ariel

We tossed rings on the octopus

And we had a fish relay race with gold fish and Swedish fish

Then it was time for presents

And cake

Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with Makenna and for all those who helped me out.  I think it turned out great and all the kids seemed to have a good time.  Happy Birthday Makenna!  We love you!