Monday, June 30, 2008


This last week was so crazy. Weston's brother went into the MTC on Wednesday and then it was Round-up week. So needless to say it was a crazy week last week with something every day and night. But Makenna was so stinking cute! She went to the rodeo two nights in a row and loved it. She would just giggle and clap at everything. And she is just a people watcher so she just enjoyed being in a crowd of people. Her favorite part of the rodeo was the motorcycles. She just loved it and squealed at them. She was cute. We had her dressed up in the cutest denim skirt and the most adorable pink boots. It was so much fun. She also loved the parades. She watched them both and had so much fun going after all the candy that was thrown at us. We are lucky enough to live on the parade route so we had awesome seats for the parade. Then on Saturday we took her to the park to play. She went on a pony ride, petted all the animals at the petting zoo and then she rode on the swings. That was her favorite part. She absolutely loved it and wanted to go again and again. It definitely was a busy week but it was such a fun week spending all the time together as a family. Makenna loves getting to hang out with her dad so much. So it was a great week. Well tell next time!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hogle Zoo

Today we went to the zoo and it was so much fun! Hot but fun. It was Makenna's first time and she loved it. The Giraffe's and the Ducks were her favorite. She would point to them and make her little "eh, eh" noise. It was so cute. And Weston taught her how to growl like a bear or tiger and so she has been doing that all day. I just went in to check on her (she is supposed to be napping, but of course she isn't) and she growled at me. It was pretty cute. It was lots of fun. Hopefully we can do some more fun things this summer. It is crazy with Weston in school so we take every chance we can get to do some things as a family. But it sure is fun!