Monday, July 30, 2012

Foam Days!

Lehi had their annual Foam Days just before the 24th of July and we just could not miss it.  I think Makenna talked about it all year long!  She was so excited to go and we were so excited that Grandpa Southwick came and played with the kids.  He announced the countdown to jump in and then he came and jumped right in with the kids and got covered!  It was fun to watch and the kids really enjoyed it.


Grandpa, Kason and Makenna

We remembered goggles this year!  Although they don't help much when they are on top of the head!

Kason wasn't very sure of the foam but he still had lots of fun.

Grandpa got sprayed with the foam!

After the foam they went over to the firetrucks and they had a big hose sprinkling water down like a shower so you could clean off.  Kason screamed and we all laughed!

So much fun at foam days.  We can't wait tell next year!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Days

I am torn.  I am loving our lazy summer days but I am getting excited for the fall and for it to cool down.  So minus the time that we have been sick, I have been trying to pack our weeks with fun summer activities.  Here are a few things we have been doing lately.

 Brynn, just hanging out at the splash pad!

 Kason and a friend enjoying a snack break at the splash pad

 Kason loves to help out and he loves to play in the dirt. So weeding is the perfect activity for him! 

 Running through the sprinklers!

 What a model.  I don't even know where she learned this but we might be in trouble when she gets older!

 Poor little girl just had to sit there while I tried to clean up the flower beds before our curbing was put in.  She was a good sport though!

Next up we have a camping trip, swim lessons, Aladdin at Tuachan and Wicked!  I am really looking forward to the rest of July, August and September!  I can't wait!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Cute kids!

I was going through picutes and I just thought these were really cute of the kids.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brynn - 5 Months

5 months already!  I can't believe it!  She's getting so big so fast!  She has started eating solid foods and she wasn't in love with it at first but she's doing good now.  She is also starting to sit pretty good with help.  It won't be long before she can do it by herself.  Brynn is seriously the happiest baby ever!  She is always so happy and smiley, I just love it.  Although one thing about her is she won't laugh.  You tickle her or play games with her and she just sits there and smiles.  She holds in her breath and then lets out a gasp.  It is so funny.  I think she likes things and thinks things are funny but she just won't let out those laughs.  It's just driving me crazy!  And although she doesn't laugh she is very vocal and has become a growler.  She went through a phase for a week or so that she would just sit there and growl and growl.  It was pretty funny.  She has also rolled over 3 or 4 times & then stopped.  I can't get her to do it again but that's not surprising to me.  None of the kids have ever been rollers.  But we sure do love our little sweetheart!  Both Makenna and Kason love her so much and she loves to sit and watch them play.  Here are some pictures of her at 5 months.  (I am not good at taking pictures so it takes a few shots to get pictures of her!)


Monday, July 23, 2012

Kason's new obsession

Kason has a new obsession. Motorcycles. He's always gotten so excited when he sees them while we're driving around and then he saw them at the Rodeo. He absolutely loved them! Then Grandpa Powell came down and gave him a ride. He was in heaven! He just loved it! So I thought I would be a cool mom and I bought him a toy motorcycle (just a small one like the hot wheels cars) that he could play with. He loves it and takes it every where with him. And then the other day when we were leaving Costco there was a motorcycle that we walked past on the way out. Kason turned to me and said I'm getting a big, big motorcycle for my birthday.

I think we're going to be in trouble.

Kason and Grandpa going for a ride.
Makenna got a turn too!

Round Up week

So I'm a little slow in posting pictures of Round Up week but its been kind of busy around here lately.  But Round Up week was crazy busy but lots of fun as usual!  We went to the boutique at the park, dinner and Lehi's got talent, the bbq in the park, we watched the steers go down main street, the stock parade and the parades on Friday and Saturday.  Plus all three rodeos!  There was something going on everyday and even two or three things on other days.  It was crazy but it only happens once a year so it's fun to try and do as much of it as possible.  The kids had so much fun and loved it all.  Here are some pics of our crazy busy week!

Brynn and her cute new cowgirl boots!

The kids at the stock parade

Brynn's first rodeo!

Makenna at the rodeo.  

Kason watching the parade

Weston drove his dad through the parade route on Saturday.  Kason is in the back but he was in the middle and couldn't get a good pic of him.  Makenna got to ride with grandpa on Friday night.  They all had so much fun!

Here is Brynn at her first parade!

Makenna getting ready to get some candy!!!

Kason, Makenna and Kyanna went for a train ride at the park after the parade.

Makenna loved riding the horses!

Kason did really good this year riding the horse.

And the swings.  This was Makenna's favorite ride when she was little but I think she's getting too big for it!

Here's to another great Round-Up! We can't wait tell next year!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brynn's first cereal

Last week Brynn tried her first bite of cereal.  It was so much fun to see her make faces and try to figure it out.  And she actually didn't really get the hang of eating and swallowing it tell just yesterday.  She even gets a little mad because it just doesn't come fast enough.  Makenna and Kason had lots of fun watching her eat for the first time too.  Here are some pics of her first time with cereal.

"I'm not so sure about this!"

Oh, look at those big blue eyes!  Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen!?!

She kept sucking on her fingers and eating her bib.  So you kind of had to hold her hands down with one hand and then feed her with the other.  Silly girl!

After she had her cereal she got a bottle.  Makenna was so excited to feed Brynn.

And of course whatever Makenna does, Kason has to do also.  Aren't they so cute!

And this is one of the mum mum treats that she was able to try the other day at the park.  

Oh it's so sad.  My little baby girl is growing up so fast.  I wish I could freeze time.  Maybe that would be my super hero powers if I could pick one!  ha, ha.

Handmade Gift Exchange

My sister sent me a link to a blog that was hosting a handmade gift exchange party.  She had tried it last year and it was fun.  What you do is make a homemade gift for someone and then someone else makes you a gift.  It sounded like fun and I pretty much sign up for anything and everything these days so I thought I'd give it a try.  The girl I was giving to lived in Idaho and this is what I sent her.

A Harvest Swag - I'm kinda bummed the letters didn't stand out as well as I was hoping but it does look really cute in person.

And PJ, who had me, sent me some really cute hand crocheted Christmas decorations.  The say Family and Home.  I put them up to display to take the pictures and my kids wanted to keep them up because they were so cute!  I can't wait to pull them out again in December. 

But this was such a fun gift exchange and I can't wait to do it again in a few months!