Monday, May 18, 2009

Makenna's Two!

Last week was insanely crazy. We got back from our vacation and we were trying to get everything clean and ready for Makenna's birthday party. She turned two last week! I can't believe that she is so big! She is so much fun and we love her so much! She is just the sweetest girl to be around. I still call her my baby but I am starting to realize that she is no longer a baby and it makes me so sad. But I just have to keep looking forward to all the things that she is always learning to do. She is always keeping us laughing. So here are some pictures of her birthday.

Swinging in the big girl swing.

She found this fountain and had fun playing on it.

I don't think it works though. We could never get any water to come out.

Weston met us at the park for a picnic lunch.

Isn't she getting so big!?

Well here are some pics from her birthday party. Thanks to everyone that came and spoiled her. She had so much fun!

Some of her cousins eating birthday cake.

She got a new ball.

And some sunglasses

Makenna and Shali in her new wagon

Such a big girl on her new bike!

I made these little favor's that were called cupcake pops. They were a little cupcake dipped in chocolate then put on a sucker stick. They turned out pretty cute I thought.

This was her giant cupcake cake.

Blowing out the candle's.
Happy Birthday Makenna! We love you!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Last week Weston and I went on a very much needed vacation and it was so much fun! We hadn't done anything since our honeymoon and we thought that with Weston graduating this was a good excuse. So a couple of months ago I booked us on a cruise to the Western Caribbean. It was some much needed time together and it was so much fun! Oh and don't worry everybody, they cancelled the stop in Cozumel Mexico so we wouldn't catch the swine flu. But we did get to stop in Jamaica and Grand Cayman. They were both so much fun. I will have to post pictures of them later. Most of those pictures are on the water camera that I will have to go get developed. But here are some pictures of us on the cruise boat.

Just a self portrait up on the deck

This was before one of the shows. We saw comedians, dancing, singing, a ventriloquist, and a magician/illusionist that was really cool. Also it was one of the formal nights.

This is Weston reading a book. I have never seen him do this in our 4 year marriage.

This was at our dinner formal night. The other couple we sat with were really nice. They were from Dallas Texas.

So everyone says that the rooms on cruise ships are so tiny. Well I have to disagree. Our room was very nice and roomy. But coming from me that doesn't say much. Up until 6 months ago our bedroom was a third of this size. You could barely walk between the bed and dresser, and I couldn't even think about getting into my side of the closet. So I didn't think it was bad at all. But on the other hand...

This was the teeny tiny bathroom. No room in there.

This is in Grand Cayman and you can see our ship out there. We had to take a smaller boat called a tender to get into the island.

Just up on one of the decks after dinner one night.

Oh and they feed you so much food on cruises! By the last couple days I didn't even want to really eat anything I was so tired of the food. And I gained 5 pounds but I already started running this morning to get it off. Also I just wanted to thank my mom and sisters (Margaret, Amy and Shellie) and our sister in law (Cali) for watching Makenna while we were gone. We couldn't have done it with out you. Thanks so much!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Shoe Parties

Last July I started working for a company called 4 the love of shoes and we did shoe parties. I have been working for them ever since and it has been a really good job. They have switched things up a little bit and changed there name to My Shoe Shoppe but they are still the same people and really cute resonable priced shoes. So now I am going to start doing parties under there new buisness name. If anybody wants to host a party or get together I would love to do it for you. When you host a party you can earn free shoes and discounts on shoes. Plus it's always fun to go shoe shopping and get together with your friends and family. If anyone is interested you can check out the shoes at and then we can schedule a day to do a party. Just leave me a comment or you can email me at (My work email isn't up and running yet)