Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Rumors are True

So I don't know what anyone has heard yet but yes we are moving. Sad and exciting. We haven't told too many people yet becuase 1- I just can't believe that it's really happening and 2- if it doesn't end up happening I don't want to get my hopes up and then have to tell everyone that we're really not moving. But things have all been going smoothly and quickly and if they all work out we will close on the house on September 8th. That's only in 10 days! It is all so crazy and scary. We have been renting one of my in-laws houses since we got married 3 years ago and it has been great. Great rent and we have the best neighbors right across the street, Shane and Cali. We are definatly going to miss them, although I'm sure they will be glad to get rid of us. We are always calling them in the middle of the night for something and Makenna and I always bug them sometime through out the day just to say hi or go for a walk. But it will be nice to have a place that we won't be so cramped in and Makenna will have a nice big backyard to play in that we won't have to worry about the gravel parking lot or the bus route. So the next couple months might be crazy if we get this house. We want to paint before we move in and clean the carpets and all this while I work part time at nights and Weston will start up school next week. Crazy but fun. We were going to wait tell Weston was done with school in April to get a place but it just seemed like everything was working out in our favor and pointing us in this direction for now so we are just going to keep working towards this. I am so excited for a place to decorate but I'm a little worried about the cleaning part. It was 3 bathrooms. If there is one thing I can't stand to clean it is bathrooms. But I am just so happy to be getting this place that I will clean them to just to have them. Oh and the best part of the house is I will finally have a scrapbook room!!! Yah!!! (Well Weston doesn't know it yet but I think we can share his computer room! Don't you?) Well I will keep you guys posted. If we get it or we don't. I guess we will know in 10 days! Oh and it is in Lehi so we won't be far. Just a little further down Main Street.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer Days

I just had to post thse pictures of Makenna and her cousins. We went swimming right before they went back to school and Makenna had so much fun. We went to the Scera pool in Orem. They had the cutest slides and so many different things that squirted water. Oh and aren't her little flip flops the cutest!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Such an example

I just had to share with you all what a great mother Katrina is. From the picture you can tell that she loves spending time with Makenna. I saw them both out in the garden and had to sneak a picture of them working side by side. She is such an example to me and Makenna. Everyone who knows Makenna, knows that she is very observant and picks up on everything and that is why Katrina is such a great example and mother to her. She won't ever admit it but she works really hard to make me and Makenna's life better. What a perfect mother and wife for our family. She is probably going to kill me when she finds that I wrote this about her but it is well worth it to let you all know how much she is appreciated in our family.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Makenna walking

Makenna finally started walking on July 10th! 2 days before she was 14 months. It is just the cutest thing ever! We have tons of video and pictures and I just had to post this video of her. Weston is the best husband ever. He had to download the video to our computer so I could put this up. (I couldn't figure it out!) Now I know what everyone's been talking about saying she will get into everything. But she is just too cute to even care. She is getting really good at walking now and that is all she did on Sunday at church. She just walks up and down the halls and through the gym. She loves it when she has a big open room and can just walk tell something stops her. She doesn't have that freedom at our house. She takes three steps and can walk to almost anything! Someday we'll get into a place that has a little more room for her to play in. Well tell next time!