Saturday, August 16, 2008

Such an example

I just had to share with you all what a great mother Katrina is. From the picture you can tell that she loves spending time with Makenna. I saw them both out in the garden and had to sneak a picture of them working side by side. She is such an example to me and Makenna. Everyone who knows Makenna, knows that she is very observant and picks up on everything and that is why Katrina is such a great example and mother to her. She won't ever admit it but she works really hard to make me and Makenna's life better. What a perfect mother and wife for our family. She is probably going to kill me when she finds that I wrote this about her but it is well worth it to let you all know how much she is appreciated in our family.


mommysgirls said...

That's the cutest thing ever! Ah....Weston's a softie! He deserves a medal.....after Katrina gets hers!

Marcie said...

Your page is so cute! And how sweet your hubby is! Makenna is getting so big! She's beautiful. Time for another??

Kristi said...

What a cute picture!!!! Weston can you teach some men how to talk and brag up their wifes you both a great people and wonderful examples. Katrina hopefully you are working on coming to the cabin.