Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brynn's 3 Month Pics

I had my friend take Brynn's 3 month pictures.  I have been slow at printing them off and putting them up but here is a slide show of some of them.  They turned out so adorable!  She did an awesome job with her.  Thanks for doing them Nicole!
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

4 months old

Brynn had her 4 month check up yesterday and she did great.  She hardly cried at all with the shots and she had a much better day than the last time she had shots.  So all over it was a better trip to the doctor.  He said she is looking great and we can start with cereal and then veggies.  When I had been given the go ahead to start foods with my other kids I started that night.  I'm always so excited to start them on foods.  But can you believe I went to Target last night and didn't get any cereal?  I'm going to have to make a trip to the store today now to get some! 
Brynn is really growing up now.  She smiles and coos.  She loves to talk to people and toys.  Well actually she like to blow bubbles and spit at them too.  She's pretty funny that way.  She will try and put anything and everything in her mouth and most of the time its her fingers and thumb or her shirt.  She is so funny.  She holds her head up so well now and she can sit really good if she's being helped out.  She is always so happy and smiley.  Wes can get her to laugh really good and it's the cutest little laugh.  And I have really been pushing a lot of tummy time lately and now she is actually enjoying it.  That's a first with any of our kids.  Makenna and Kason just screamed so I didn't make them do much but with Brynn I have kept pushing it and now she is doing great.  Third times the charm right?

Anyways here are her stats from the dr. yesterday

Weight - 12.83 lbs   21.97%
Length - 24.75 inch 64.63%
Head    - 15.25 inch 7.52 %

She had a big jump in length so she's getting pretty tall and skinny.  Although she is getting chubby cheeks and she's always had a double chin.  But she's just so adorable! And we love her so much!  I just wish she would stop growing!  I want her to stay small and cuddly forever.

I like to take the kids picture each month to see how they have changed through out a year. I don't take pictures very well but here is Brynn at 4 months.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Makenna's Jazz n' Place Dance Recital

Last week Makenna had her Jazz n Place dance recital and all I can say is she was absolutely adorable!  The whole class was actually.  They did such an awesome job and I loved their dance.  It did help that they were Glinda the good witch from Wicked.  They danced to the song Popular and they were so cute!  Here are some pictures of our "Good Little Witch"

 She gets so spoiled by her aunt and grandma with flowers after all her prefomances and she just loves it.  Thanks so much Grandma Powell and Shellie!

 Aren't these 3 kids the cutest things you've ever seen!

After their recital they all got a medal for doing so good.  She absolutly loves it too!  And she is just the cutest Glinda the good witch I've ever seen! 

Good Job Makenna!

Brynn's New Blanket

My mom has made each of the kids their crib bedding and a quilt.  And we finally got Brynn's done.  Now my mom does an amazing job on all of them but I really think this one is really the cutest ever!  Take a look!

It's so adorable!  Thanks mom/grandma!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cute Pics

I feel like I haven't been really good about blogging and keeping up with whats going on around here lately.  The kids are just growing up so fast and I feel like I missing it all.  But here were a few fun random pics of the kids.

Look at this cutie pie!  She's really sitting good if she's propped up now.  She's getting way to old that's what I'm thinking!

Our 3 cute girls! (Makenna wanted a picture taken with Brynn's baby doll)

 And now we have 2 little goofballs rolling around on the ground. (Notice my ugly toes at the bottom!)

 And here is our handsome little dude with his "me".  (that's what he calls his blanket)

And our adorable bald little Brynn.  She is smiling and giggling now it's so much fun!  (You will rarely see her with out a headband.  I can't believe I'm actually posting this picture but she's in her pajamas so I guess it's okay this time.)

And here is Wes and Brynn.  I'm realizing that I don't have many pictures of us adults anymore.  Believe it or not we do exist!  I need to be better about taking pictures of us too!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Princess and the Dragon

I think we need to invest in some boy dress up clothes.  Last week this is what the kids came down the stairs wearing.  Kason's dragon outfit was his Halloween costume from when he was 1. 

And then today Kason started wearing Makenna's dress ups.  He was all decked out in a pink dress!  I really need to get this boy some boy stuff to wear!