Thursday, June 14, 2012

Makenna's Jazz n' Place Dance Recital

Last week Makenna had her Jazz n Place dance recital and all I can say is she was absolutely adorable!  The whole class was actually.  They did such an awesome job and I loved their dance.  It did help that they were Glinda the good witch from Wicked.  They danced to the song Popular and they were so cute!  Here are some pictures of our "Good Little Witch"

 She gets so spoiled by her aunt and grandma with flowers after all her prefomances and she just loves it.  Thanks so much Grandma Powell and Shellie!

 Aren't these 3 kids the cutest things you've ever seen!

After their recital they all got a medal for doing so good.  She absolutly loves it too!  And she is just the cutest Glinda the good witch I've ever seen! 

Good Job Makenna!

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