Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cute Pics

I feel like I haven't been really good about blogging and keeping up with whats going on around here lately.  The kids are just growing up so fast and I feel like I missing it all.  But here were a few fun random pics of the kids.

Look at this cutie pie!  She's really sitting good if she's propped up now.  She's getting way to old that's what I'm thinking!

Our 3 cute girls! (Makenna wanted a picture taken with Brynn's baby doll)

 And now we have 2 little goofballs rolling around on the ground. (Notice my ugly toes at the bottom!)

 And here is our handsome little dude with his "me".  (that's what he calls his blanket)

And our adorable bald little Brynn.  She is smiling and giggling now it's so much fun!  (You will rarely see her with out a headband.  I can't believe I'm actually posting this picture but she's in her pajamas so I guess it's okay this time.)

And here is Wes and Brynn.  I'm realizing that I don't have many pictures of us adults anymore.  Believe it or not we do exist!  I need to be better about taking pictures of us too!

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