Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Update

Weston told me the other day that I haven't updated the blog recently so I thought I should post something.  So this might be a little random but here is an update of all of us.

Weston and Katrina
Weston is back from Washington and we are so glad that he is.  There is talk of him heading to Vegas in May but with this company I've learned that you never know for sure until about a week before he is supposed to leave.He is the best dad and gets up every night and changes Brynn's diaper and then I'll feed her.  He even let me go to bed last night at 9:45 and he stayed up with Brynn and then put her to bed.  He is just amazing!  I have been just trying to get back into the swing of things.  I've actually even made dinner a few times!  I've tried to start jogging again but that's kind of hard with three kids so I've only been twice.  Hopefully next week I'll start taking some classes at the good ol' Legacy Center.  So if anyone wants to come with me please let me know.  It is so much easier and a lot more fun going with someone.

I found a cute new braid to do and I tried it today.  It is called an uneven braid.  It's kind of hard to see in the pictures but I thought they turned out really cute.  Her hair is more than half way down her back.  I'm going crazy with it because I don't like long hair and I don't know what to do with it.  I think once it's summer time I'm chopping it off.  That's if I last that long!
Makenna is loving preschool and is so excited for kindergarten.  It is all she can talk about.  Well that and every holiday she can think of.  Easter. St Patricks Day, her birthday, foam days, the 4th of July and Fathers Day.  Never mind Mothers day, it's just Fathers Day she cares about!  I know, I know Weston is the greatest. :) No really he is, he is everybody's favorite around here.  Now, back to Makenna.  She loves, loves, loves dance and is taking at two different studios this year.  She is so excited for dance recital.  She also loves to play with friends and she loves dessert.  She is such a girly girl and loves pink and purple, and having her nails painted.  She has even started coming shopping with me.  Well, that is if I buy her a new shirt or something, then she enjoys coming with me.  She has also started with emotional drama and moodiness.  She's always been more pleasant with Weston than with me but now it is the full force girl moodiness.  It's actually really funny sometimes.  So even with all the emotional drama she has been such a good helper with Brynn.  She loves helping me and holding her.  She is so good to play with her and give her, her binky again so I can get ready in the mornings.  She is great and I'm so glad she is willing to help me out.

Isn't that the cutest boy you've ever seen?  He wanted a picture of his new flip flops.  He's still not sure if he likes them but he does like stinkin' cute in them.  Well the big news with him is he's potty trained!  Finally!!!  I started a few months ago but it was so hard when I was pregnant.  So we started again maybe two weeks ago and it sure was hard with Brynn but he is doing awesome!  He still doesn't like to tell mom he has to go so I have to just take him a lot.  But if your grandma or dad he will tell you and it is a whole lot easier.  I don't know what it is about my kids but the like to rebel against their mom!  I was so tired of changing 20 messy diapers a day between two kids so one day I told Kason I wasn't buying any more diapers.  So instead I went to Target and bought a bunch of dollar "prizes" and a couple bags of candy.  When he goes number 1 he gets a treat and when he goes number 2 he gets a toy or prize.  The reward system has really helped with him.  He's done great and even wakes up from naps dry.  Such a good boy.  And now that he's potty trained he gets to eat fruit.  And boy does he love fruit!  He gets so excited for apples, strawberries, pineapple and mandarin oranges.
This little sweetheart is now 6 weeks old and is the best baby I have ever met!  She only cry's when she is hungry or needs a diaper change and she is so happy!  She has started smiling and she even rolled over twice from her stomach to her back!  She loves tummy time, her brother and her sister, napping in her swing and playing under her gymini play mat.  She has been sleeping about 6 hours at night for about 2 weeks now and it is wonderful.  Her active time of day is between 9-11 at night.  She is such a night owl but she is still simply the best baby ever!  She looks like both the kids.  She looks like Makenna with a bow on and looks like Kason when she doesn't have a bow on.  It's pretty funny.  But we sure do love her and are so glad she is apart of our family!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

4 Weeks Old

Brynn is now 4 weeks old!  I can't believe it!  I feel like she just got here but at the same time I feel like she has always been with us.  It's crazy to think about it.  But I really think that she has been our best behaved child so far.  She doesn't scream or cry very much and she seems to have an easy going personality.  She goes with the flow of things and she doesn't get bothered by her older siblings.  Especially when they wake her up!  Nights are her most active period.  She will lay awake and play or she will just cuddle in our arms and stare into space.  It's hard having her up late at night but at least she's being well behaved.  That definitely makes it easier to stay up with her.  She eats really well but she does not like it when I eat spicy food, chocolate, or garlic.  She's got a little double chin and I can see her cheeks getting a little chubby.  She's just so cute!  Also she is getting really strong and likes to hold her head up off our shoulders.  She doesn't object to tummy time very much but she loves laying under her gymini and watching her toys.  I just can't believe that she is such an amazing baby.  I better knock on wood and hope she stays that way!

Welcome Home!

So after 3 weeks of working in Washington State Weston is home!!!  I am so excited and happy to have him back and so are the kids.  Hopefully he will get to stay here for a little bit before his work sends him out on another project.  But it sure is nice to have him back we really missed him.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Brynn's Newborn Pics

While we were at the hospital they took some pictures of Brynn and they were so cute I just had to get them!  I was really bugged that they didn't take or offer to take Kason's picture when he was born and then I had to go out and get them them taken.  It was a hassel.  So this was really nice and it saved me from having to take all the kids out just to get them done.  Plus did I mention that they turned out so cute!   Here have a look for yourself!

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2 Weeks Old!

Brynn is already 2 weeks old!  I just can't believe it!  The time feels like it has flown by!  Also I can't even remember her not being her.  It feels like she's been here the whole time.  It is definitely a better feeling having a newborn (even with the lack of sleep) than being 9 months pregnant and miserable.  I took her in for her 2 week check up and the Dr said she looked great.  She is also back up to her birth weight so that's good.  Weston even said when he got home on Thursday that she looked bigger.  I guess not seeing her for a week makes a difference compared to me seeing her every day.  Anyways here are her stats

Weight - 7 lb 1 oz  18.06 %
Length - 20 inches  53.53%
Head -    13 inches  13.54%