Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sorry Wes!

So today I thought I should clean the bathroom. Anyone who knows me knows this is the hardest thing for me. I can clean the kitchen, dust or vacuum or anything else but I hate to clean bathrooms. Anyways it had been two weeks since I last cleaned them and it really needed to be done. So I started on Makenna's and then I moved onto the master bathroom. Well I was wiping down the toilet with some Clorox wipes and then I was going to start cleaning the inside. Well all of a sudden Makenna came running over to me and the next thing I saw was Weston's toothbrush in her hand and she decided to start cleaning the toilet for me. AHHHH! Yup the toothbrush went right in the toilet. Sorry Wes! Makenna just loves to help me clean. I'll just have to make sure she keeps to the tub and not the toilet next time!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Such a big girl

Okay all I can say is Makenna is growing up way to fast. It makes me so sad! First of all last week we put her in her big girl bed. She absolutely loves it! She just loves to climb up on it and play. Sometimes she comes out after we've put her down at night but she really hasn't been too bad. So today I started potty training her. We've had a little potty and seat since last fall but it's really been hit and miss with using it. So I thought it would be nice if we didn't have to pay for all those diapers anymore. Plus with this weather turning off so cold, we are just stuck inside again. So today I just let her run around with out her diaper on and every time she had to go she just went and sat on the potty. So my mom went with us to the store tonight and she let Makenna pick out some brand new underwear. (Thanks mom for getting them for her!) We tried them out when we got back to their place and in just an hour she had gone through 2 pairs. So I took them off her and let her run around with nothing on again and she did just fine. She is a crazy girl. So tomorrow we will try again and hopefully we will have another good day!

Makenna picked out these princess undies and also some Elmo ones. She looked really cute in them, although they didn't last very long!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Big Girl Bed

It is so sad. Our little Makenna is growing up way too fast. Last night we put her in her big girl bed for the first time. We have Weston's old bed and we thought it would be cheaper to just put her in his twin bed then having to go buy a toddler bed. We did buy a safety thing for the side of the bed so she wouldn't roll out. But just to be safe we layered pillows and blankets all around the bed on the floor just in case she happened to fall out. It would provide a softer landing. But she stayed in the bed all night. She was so cute! She was a little hesitant when we put her down at first so I laid with her for a few minutes and then she was fine. This morning it was really cute, she climbed out of her bed and came to find me. Our bedroom door was closed though so she just stood outside it calling for me. From now on we'll have to keep it cracked open.

Here she is with her polka dotted sheets. I took her to the store yesterday so she could pick out her own but she didn't really care about them.

She was so cute lining up all her Teddy Bears in her new bed. I bet she has more than 20 stuffed animals. I don't know where so got so many from. She's only two! (well almost 2)

She loves her bed. Every time she gets up on it she lays down and says nigh, nigh. (Night, night)

Such a big girl!

She had to help Weston with everything. Pushing it into her room, putting it all together and putting in the draws. She is such a good helper!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Snicker doodles

Tonight I had to work and when I got home Weston had a nice surprise for us. He was baking snicker doodle cookies with Makenna. They were so delicious and Makenna was having so much fun! She loved to eat the dough with just a spoon. Lucky for our egg free recipe the dough was perfect for eating. Needless to say all the sugar made her pretty hyper and right before bed time! She was just running in circles. Anyways here are some pics of the yummy cookies.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our little Monkey

So Makenna has been going crazy lately. I don't know if she is just tired of being cooped up all day or it is just this warm weather that comes and goes or maybe it is just her age but she is a crazy girl! Every time we turn around she has climbed up on something. The coffee table, the couch, the chairs, the kitchen table, the toilet, or her rocking chair. And everything she climbs up on she has to stand on. So this being said last night she tried to conquer a new height. She climbed up on one of our bar stools to the kitchen counter. She made it up but some how lost her balance at the top and she just came tumbling down. She scratched her chin and bruised her check and back. I don't think it hurt too bad though because she stopped crying as soon as we gave in and let her watch a show. But she is definitely our little climbing monkey.

This is her standing on the kitchen table

She climbs up on the chair and gets on the table to bug dad while he does homework!

This is her sad chin. It doesn't show up that great in these pictures

Her favorite new thing to do is to climb in the love sac and flip over the arm of the couch.

I think she's going to be a gymnast someday!