Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Such a big girl

Okay all I can say is Makenna is growing up way to fast. It makes me so sad! First of all last week we put her in her big girl bed. She absolutely loves it! She just loves to climb up on it and play. Sometimes she comes out after we've put her down at night but she really hasn't been too bad. So today I started potty training her. We've had a little potty and seat since last fall but it's really been hit and miss with using it. So I thought it would be nice if we didn't have to pay for all those diapers anymore. Plus with this weather turning off so cold, we are just stuck inside again. So today I just let her run around with out her diaper on and every time she had to go she just went and sat on the potty. So my mom went with us to the store tonight and she let Makenna pick out some brand new underwear. (Thanks mom for getting them for her!) We tried them out when we got back to their place and in just an hour she had gone through 2 pairs. So I took them off her and let her run around with nothing on again and she did just fine. She is a crazy girl. So tomorrow we will try again and hopefully we will have another good day!

Makenna picked out these princess undies and also some Elmo ones. She looked really cute in them, although they didn't last very long!

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Sarah said...

Holy cow! Is she even 2 yet?! I am so impressed! I have heard that girls are easier to potty train...although I don't have that experience yet! Let me know how things go! My only advice is to be patient! It can be a long frustrating experience! Frustrating because I pushed Micah too much before he was ready and even after because he'd do so well for a long time and then have a set back. It's glorious now that he is completely potty trained but it took longer than I had anticipated. The most important thing is when you decide to do it stay dedicated! Good luck! This means it's time for another one...right? :)