Monday, February 28, 2011


It's been awhile and I thought I'd just write down whats been going on lately. First and most important is Weston got a new job!!! I am so excited! It is for a company in Lindon and so far they seem like an awesome company. He's been there for two weeks and things are going well. They have health insurance, dental, eye, life insurance and a 401k! We have never had anything but health insurance so I am so happy that we now have stuff and it wont cost us a fortune. They have so many amazing benefits but there is one catch. Weston will be doing a lot of traveling. But that's okay. There are so many plus's about this job (all the benefits, and pay raise) and he'll get so much experience being out there in the field. Plus there is room to move up in the company so this is such a blessing! We are so happy. (Well I am. Wes is still overwhelmed, but it will be good)

As for me, I am on my second migraine this year. I usually only get one every year or two. So I don't know what is up with that but I sure hope they don't continue. Makenna has been so good to me. She is always getting me sunglasses to wear so I can open my eyes. She is good to take care of me.

Makenna is learning so much at our Joy school. She is counting to 20. She forgets 7a lot of the time but she is doing really well besides that. She is learning the alphabet and she loves to write the letter H. (Although she is calling it the "number" H. So cute!) We will get that figured out soon. She can trace her name but has a hard time writing it by herself. But come on, Makenna is a long name! I didn't think about how hard it would be to say or write her name when we were coming up with names for her. Our next kid will have an easy name! She loves dance and has two dance classes this year. She has so much fun and spends most of everyday dancing around the house. She is getting so excited for the recital. She is always talking about it and the costumes and that she gets to wear make up. I can't wait to see her perform. She will do so well. She has also outgrown her egg allergy. She can now have a cookie or doughnut with out having a reaction. I still don't dare give her a straight egg or mayo or anything but things are looking up for her.

Now for Kason. We took him to the allergist and he is allergic to peanuts, eggs and the penicillin. They tested him for the tree nuts and they came back negative. They did a blood draw to test further for the tree nuts but we haven't heard from that yet. Hopefully things will come back good on those. He is walking around really well. He still crawls a lot but he is doing really well. He is not my little baby anymore. It's pretty sad but he is so cute. He will go into the toy room and just play. He loves to empty all the dishes and food out of Makenna's kitchen. He will just play and play until we go get him. He often throws a fit when we make him leave all the toys. He just has so much fun playing. He is also into climbing up on everything he can. Step stools, the stairs and his chair. I'm a little afraid of what is to come. He is definitely more active and curious than Makenna ever was. He is also quite the pro on the stairs. He can go up and down them. Weston and I are still really paranoid about them since he broke his arm on the stairs but he hasn't had any other problems. He likes to slide down them on his tummy and say go,go,go,go,go! It is adorable! He can say momma, dadda, kason, nanna go, and something that sounds like all done. He can sign more and please. He's not really into the signing but I keep trying.

So things are looking good and we're just keeping busy. Hopefully it will start to warm up soon! I can't wait to go running outside and let the kids play in the backyard!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kason's 1 Year Photo's

We finally got Kason's 1 year pictures taken. We ended up waiting to do them tell he was 13 month's becuase I didn't want to have his cast in the pictures. So here they are! They turned out so cute!!! (And by the way, I had a really hard time making this slide show. When I tried to copy and past the code into blogger it didn't work so I had to type the whole thing! It took about 15 minutes! And it is messed up somehow. I don't know what is at the bottom but I'm done trying to mess with it.)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pierced Ears

Well, she finally did it! I've been trying to pierce Makenna's ears for almost a year now and she finally did it! She has been wanting to pierce her ears forever but SOMEONE, (Weston) told her it would hurt. I have even taken her twice to get them done but she chicken's out every time. But on Friday we were at the mall and I told her she could have a Barbie doll if she got her ears pierced. She hesitated for a minute but then she decided to go and get them done. Weston was pretty bugged because he said he wouldn't have anything to do with but Makenna kept getting scared and only went through with it once Weston came into the store. But she did it and she picked out her earrings all by herself. Pretty blue flowers. She has been so good to let us clean them every day and she loves showing them to everyone.

Kason Walking

Here is a better video of Kason walking. He's doing so good! He even has his sippy in his hand.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Makenna says

As I'm sweeping and dusting today Makenna says "Wow mom, your just like Tangled!"

I sure wish it was as fun as Rapunzel makes it. Next time I think I'll starting singing and dancing with my broom!