Monday, February 7, 2011

Pierced Ears

Well, she finally did it! I've been trying to pierce Makenna's ears for almost a year now and she finally did it! She has been wanting to pierce her ears forever but SOMEONE, (Weston) told her it would hurt. I have even taken her twice to get them done but she chicken's out every time. But on Friday we were at the mall and I told her she could have a Barbie doll if she got her ears pierced. She hesitated for a minute but then she decided to go and get them done. Weston was pretty bugged because he said he wouldn't have anything to do with but Makenna kept getting scared and only went through with it once Weston came into the store. But she did it and she picked out her earrings all by herself. Pretty blue flowers. She has been so good to let us clean them every day and she loves showing them to everyone.

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Mike and Nic said...

Oh man I'm jealous! I've been trying to get Mylie to pierce her ears for about 6 months and she'll have no part of it! I can't even bribe her. I'm taking Addie to get hers done soon. Hopefully Mylie will decide she wants hers done too.