Monday, April 30, 2012

Brynn's 2 Month Check Up

Last week we went to Brynn's 2 year check up but technically she was 2 months and 9 days.  So her stats are going to be different than the other 2 kids but oh well, what do you do?  Here are her stats

Length - 22 inches 19.28%
Weight - 10.71 lbs 26.97%
Head - 14.25 inches 3.02%

She is pretty much the smallest baby we have ever had!  Really cute and petite.  We'll have to see how long she stays that way.  She is getting some really chubby cheeks and a double chin!  Well I think she's always had that double chin.  But she is adorable and such a good baby.  She hardly ever cries and she is sleeping 6-8 hours a night.  We finally got her switched over to her crib so now she and Makenna share a room.  So far it's working out good so hopefully it stays that way. 

When she got her shots they really affected her.  She cried for almost 3 hours straight and she had a hard time eating or sleeping or being held.  Pretty much nothing would comfort her.  She also ran a slight temperature of 100 degrees but thankfully she was doing better by the next day.  The doctor said everything looked great.  He was concerned about her head being so small but he checked it and said they will just check it again at her next check up and hopefully things are okay.  Other than that she's perfect! 

She is smiling and cooing and it is just so cute!  She will just look at you when you talk to her and try and move her mouth with yours.  It's so cute.  I've tried to get a picture of her smile but I can never get a good one.  So the top picture was an attempt to get a smile.  She loves to lick her hands.  We're lucky she's not sucking on them!  And this bottom pic is of the cutest kids ever!  I'm not biased at all am I!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Brynn's Blessing

Last week we had Brynn's blessing and all I can say is her dress was simply adorable!  It was so cute and she looked so cute in it!  Weston gave a very nice blessing and Brynn was such a good baby during it.  She was even awake the whole time and didn't make a peep!  She's the best baby.  But she did start to arch her back in the middle of it so Weston was worried about that but it all ended up going great!  We then had everyone over for a little lunch and it was fun to be with everyone and celebrate Brynn.  Thanks so much to everyone who came and support us and Brynn.  Brynn is so lucky to have so many people who care about her and we love you all!  Thanks!

 The three kiddo's.  Aren't they adorable!

 Our happy family!

 Proud mom and dad

 Our little princess for the day!  Isn't her dress gorgeous!

 Weston finally got around to hanging our pictures at 10:00 the night before.  He did an amazing job and now we don't have a big ugly white wall!

Makenna fell asleep holding Brynn that day.  It was so cute!  Good thing Weston was close by so he could catch her!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Brynn 2 Months Old

2 Months Old
Isn't she so adorable!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Outfits

Happy Easter!

Brynn spit up on her dress and she hadn't even been wearing it 5 minutes!  But she was still so adorable!

Aren't these the cutest kids you've ever seen!  My mom made the girls' dresses and they turned out so cute!

Our Handsome little dude!
Our little model!
Our first family photo!

Easter Time!

We had a crazy weekend with tons of Easter Festivities.  We had egg hunts at both Grandparent's houses and then the Easter bunny came to our house this year.  Makenna and Kason were so cute and had tons of fun.  Kason would just grab anything he saw and Makenna, well she was basically chasing butterflies as we call it at our house.  She didn't get as many as everybody else but she didn't care.  She was just having fun being there and watching.  Here are some pics!

Kason liked to open every egg and dump it out once he found them

The Easter Bunny sure can jump high and hide those eggs!

Kason figured out he could get more eggs if he just held them all under his chin. Just like Gus, Gus on Cinderella!
Makenna finally found her Easter basket.  The Easter bunny hide hers really hard under the pillows and blankets
Brynn and her Easter basket.  She didn't get much this year.  Poor girl!  She even slept through the fun egg hunt. 
Kason finding more eggs and Grandma and Grandpa Powell's
They each got a kite and Makenna wanted to fly hers.  She did really good and had lots of fun!

Thanks everyone for making it such a fun weekend!  We hope everyone had a great Easter too!