Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Time!

We had a crazy weekend with tons of Easter Festivities.  We had egg hunts at both Grandparent's houses and then the Easter bunny came to our house this year.  Makenna and Kason were so cute and had tons of fun.  Kason would just grab anything he saw and Makenna, well she was basically chasing butterflies as we call it at our house.  She didn't get as many as everybody else but she didn't care.  She was just having fun being there and watching.  Here are some pics!

Kason liked to open every egg and dump it out once he found them

The Easter Bunny sure can jump high and hide those eggs!

Kason figured out he could get more eggs if he just held them all under his chin. Just like Gus, Gus on Cinderella!
Makenna finally found her Easter basket.  The Easter bunny hide hers really hard under the pillows and blankets
Brynn and her Easter basket.  She didn't get much this year.  Poor girl!  She even slept through the fun egg hunt. 
Kason finding more eggs and Grandma and Grandpa Powell's
They each got a kite and Makenna wanted to fly hers.  She did really good and had lots of fun!

Thanks everyone for making it such a fun weekend!  We hope everyone had a great Easter too!

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