Monday, December 10, 2012

Brynn 9 Month Pics

So I finally got Brynn's 9 month pictures taken.  First off I couldn't find an outfit I liked and then once I did the kids were all sick so it took me forever to get them taken!  But we were finally able to do them last week and they are absolutely adorable!  Here take a look!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Don’t let the 2 year old babysit

The other day I was trying to finish up some work on the computer and Brynn had woken up early from her nap.  So I asked Kason if he would go up and play with her in her room.  He said yeas so after a few minutes I went up to go get them.  I walked into the girls room and Kason wasn’t there playing with Brynn.  So I checked his room, my room and both bathrooms.  He wasn’t anywhere!  So I went back into the girls room and this is where I found him

He had climbed into Makenna’s bed and tucked him and his monkey in for a nap.  He was just so cute but no help to me or Brynn!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I need some help

Okay bloggers out there.  If anyone is reading my blog I have a question for you.  I tried to upload a post yesterday and it says I am out of storage so I have to purchase some more.  But it is $2.50 per month and I don't want to be paying for this every month.  I know its not a lot but I just don't want to have to pay to put up my posts with pictures.  Also I don't want to delete my stuff either.  So what has anyone done?  Do you pay each month? 

Next thing is I've also thought about printing them off somehow.  Has anyone done this or know how?  Weston wants me to make them into scrapbooks.  I've heard you can somehow although I don't feel like my blog is scrapbooky.  It is just basically a journal.  So does anyone have any suggestions on how to print it off or ideas on what to do?

I would really like any insights or opinions if you've done anything.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

9 month stats

I took Brynn to the doctor yesterday for her 9 month check up and I was happily surprised that she didn't have to have any shots! So it was a very nice check up. She is doing great and she isn't behind developmentally at all although she's not crawling or anything yet. Oh well, that's for the better that she will just stay in one spot.  But here are her stats

Height:  26.75 in  17.08%
Weight: 16.58 lb   22.5%
Head:     16.5 in    7.43%

She just seems to stay on the smaller side especially when compared to her brother and sister.  Although she has got some pretty chubby cheeks that are so cute!  I will post some pictures as soon as I can get them taken.  Would you believe that all I need to do is buy an outfit but I just can't find anything I like!  I think I should just buy something so I can get the pictures taken.  Oh well, hopefully in the next week.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wicked Halloween!

This year for Halloween Makenna gave out all of our assignments and we dressed up as characters from Wicked/The Wizard of Oz. She was Glinda, Kason was a flying monkey, Brynn was Dorthy, I was the mean witch (Elphaba) and Weston was the Scarecrow (Fiyero). But Weston wouldn't dress up so oh well. And Kason didn't like his wings. But it was to all dress up together. We had a very busy day that started with Makenna's parade at the school, then lunch with Shellie, running past my moms work and Weston's work. Then we headed to Main Street to do the trick or treating there. Finally when Weston got home for work we went all around the neighborhood then we stopped by his parents and my parents houses. It was really a busy day but fun. Here are some pics.

Glinda the good witch with her wand
The cutest Dorthy ever!
She even had a basket and Toto
Our flying monkey!
And his wings that didn't stay on except for the picture!
All of us minus my boyfriend Fiyero!  Maybe next year I'll get him to dress up!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Decorating Pumpkins

In the past we have always carved pumpkins but with the kids so little its just Weston and I doing all the hard work while they watch so this year I thought I would let them paint their pumpkins.  That way they got to have all the fun and I got to watch!  And I think they did have fun.  Here are some pictures of their cute pumpkins!

Cute family night activity!

Kason's pumpkin face!

Decorating with glitter and glue

The fun part was when we got out the finger paint!

Makenna made cute polka dots on her pumpkin and yes she is painting with her "birdie" finger! ha, ha

Such adorable pumpkins!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Park City

Last month my dad had his 60th birthday so to celebrate my mom rented a house up in Park City for all of us to stay in. It was lots of fun with good food, shopping, the Alpine Slide, golfing and conference. Here were a couple picks of us on the Alpine Slide. It was so much fun and the kids loved it! Makenna just kept saying she wanted to go again. I'm glad they had so much fun.

Riding the ski lift up the mountain. 

The view from the ride

Waiting for our turn

Makenna and I went down together and Wes and Kason went together. 

At the bottom.  It was so much fun!

Brynn was there but in her usual spot in the stroller.

Giving the two year olds a bath one night.  They were being so cute!

Happy Birthday to my dad and thanks to my mom for the fun weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

8 Months Old

This adorable little thing is now 8 months old!  Where does the time go?  She is getting so big so fast!

Brynn is so much fun and we all love her so much!  I think she probably gets smothered by all of us but she puts up with it and is so happy.  She is always smiling and she loves to growl.  She is so loud too when she does it!  And she has realized that when she does things she will get reactions out of us.  So it's fun to see her react and interact with me and the kids.  Her favorite place to be is in the toy room watching Makenna and Kason play.  She doesn't really play, she just likes to watch her big sister and brother. 

She now weighs 16 lbs 6 oz and I think she was 26 inches long.  I wasn't paying much attention when they told me that part!  And she is now in the 28th percentile which is the highest she's ever been so that's good.  She has 2 bottom teeth and she is drooling like crazy so I'm sure there might be more coming. 

She loves to sit.  She will just sit and play so good.  And she can reach so far for a toy that I think she is going to tip over but she doesn't.  If she does ever end up on her tummy (which she doesn't like) she will scoot and push herself backwards.  I don't think we'll have a crawler anytime soon and that is just fine by me.  I just love watching her sit and play.  She also does this thing with her hands and fingers where she wiggles them back and forth and up and down and all around when she gets excited.  It's really funny to watch her do it.  I think of it as her nervous twitch but its pretty cute.  I really need to get the video camera out soon so I can get videos of her growling and her hands.  Poor third child just doesn't get the camera time that the others did.  I really need to better at that,  but we sure do love her to pieces!  We really couldn't ask for a better baby.  She is simply perfect. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mascot Bowl

Makenna loves Cosmo so I wanted to take the kids to see the Mascot Bowl that went on at the High School last month.  And I am sure glad we did!  The kids had so much fun and it was all they could talk about for the next week!  They loved watching Cosmo and the Jazz Bear and the cheerleaders.  They didn't watch much of the football game but it sure was a fun night for everybody.  It was a little chilly but I'm so glad we went this year.  Now the kids can't wait to go again next year!

Jazz Bear


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Cabin Trip

So the last week of September we went up to the Peel family cabin for the weekend.  This was Brynn's first time so that was fun and the leaves were amazing!  We also saw lots of animals so that was fun for the kids.  And of course we came home and got sick the next week.  Lots of fun!  Any ways here are some pics of everyone having fun!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Birthday! 29 (again!)

I refuse to get older so therefore I turned 29 again this year! This year was a little better than last year. Last year I didn't even have a birthday. I told everyone I wasn't having a birthday so I didn't want cake or presents or anything. And it happened but this year I decided it was okay to have a birthday. I really missed that cake! But unfortunately Weston had to work all day and then he had a review class in Salt Lake so I pretty much had an awful birthday. But my little sister is amazing and took me and the kids to dinner and then she made the most amazing cake ever! It was a homemade chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and then it was covered in chocolate candy bars. It was to die for!
So yummy! Just look!
 Blowing out the candles!

Cutest kids ever!

The kids got me all of my favorite things.  Makenna picked me out a necklace with a heart on it, Kason got me a Linkin Park cd and Brynn got me her charm so I could add it to my kids necklace. They sure know what I like!

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and helping make my day better than last years.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Forgotten Blog

Wow! It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I think the last 5-6 weeks have been too crazy for me to handle. But I was thinking today of somethings that I wanted to right down before I forget them.

First, Brynn got her first tooth this last weekend being 7 1/2 months old. It was just one of the bottom front ones. We were spending the weekend in Park City for my dads 60 birthday. Brynn has been such a great sleeper since she was 2 months old and the first night we were there she kept waking up crying which is so unlike her. And the next morning I realized that she had gotten her first tooth! Poor girl just didn't feel good. Then today (4 days later) she got her second tooth on the bottom. I got smart with this one and gave her some Tylenol. It's been a rough few days around her with lack of sleep between Brynn, Wes and I but hopefully she gets feeling better soon.

Now today Makenna had her first field trip at kindergarten! They went to Cornbelly's up at Thanksgiving Point and what do you think was her favorite part? Riding the bus! She has been wanting to ride a big yellow bus for as long as I can remember and the poor little girl has to walk or get a ride to and from school each day. But today she was able to go on her very first bus ride and she was ecstatic! I don't think she even slept last night because she was so excited! And apparently the ride lived up to her expectations because she said it was the best part of her field trip. I'm glad she could go and have so much fun.

And Kason. Not much is going on with him right now. He misses Makenna when she is gone to dance and school so I want to get him started in something at the Legacy Center in January. But he is just my favorite little guy in the whole wide world. He is so much fun right now even though he asks millions of questions, repeats everything Makenna says, never stops talking, and has even started throwing 2 year old tantrums. He is just so adorable and I just can't stand it! He totally makes me smile every day and I just love his big hugs.

Wow, they just grow up way to fast! I think if I could I would freeze time right now. All three kids are at such fun ages and I love it so much. I want them to stay little forever.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Girls Weekend!

This last weekend we had a girls weekend down in St. George and went to see Aladdin.  It was me and Makenna, my mom and two sisters, my aunt, and my sister-in-law and her 2 girls.  It was lots of fun and we got to do lots of stuff!

As soon as we got to St. George we unloaded the cars at my sister-in-laws family's condo and then we went and grabbed some dinner at Arby's.  After we had eaten we went out to Tuachan to watch the show.  It was so cute and Makenna really liked the Genie.  She just kept saying he was so funny!  I really like the magic carpet ride.  It was cute.  Once the show was over and we made it back to the condo it was midnight.  Such a late night. 

The next morning we went shopping at the outlets (the have a Gap!) then we had lunch.  Then that afternoon we went swimming and to the movie the Odd Life of Timothy Green.  For dinner we went to Makenna's favorite place ever.  The Pizza Factory!!!  It was so good and so much fun.  After dinner Makenna painted our toe nails.  It was so much fun. 

Here are some pics of what we did

Makenna, Jasmin and I.  So excited to watch the show

Makenna, Becca and Maddi

Makenna (Jasmin), Maddi (Genie) Aladdin (Becca)

Makenna so excited for the show to start.  There is a couple parts where you get to where these 3D glasses.

Swimming the next day.  It was actually really hot!

Twisty Breadstick!!!

Makenna painted both our toe's and she did such a great job!

Well our girls weekend was a blast and it was sad that it had to come to an end. Hopefully we can do it again next year!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Last week for Labor Day we took the kids to the zoo.  It had been a couple years since we've been so it was lots of fun to go again.  Both Makenna and Kason really liked it.  I think we went when Kason was a baby so this was his first time seeing the animals and he really enjoyed it.  They all loved the elephants, giraffes, monkeys, gorillas and even the snakes.  It was a really fun trip and I was finally able to cross something off my summer bucket list!  Too bad we didn't even get half of it done.  Oh well, there's always next year!

 Me and my little buddy at the giraffes
 Family pic minus Brynn.  She was in the stroller again.

 Kason hitching a ride from Grandpa
 Another monkey.  Oh wait, nope that's just Makenna
See, and there's Brynn.  In the stroller again.