Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Forgotten Blog

Wow! It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I think the last 5-6 weeks have been too crazy for me to handle. But I was thinking today of somethings that I wanted to right down before I forget them.

First, Brynn got her first tooth this last weekend being 7 1/2 months old. It was just one of the bottom front ones. We were spending the weekend in Park City for my dads 60 birthday. Brynn has been such a great sleeper since she was 2 months old and the first night we were there she kept waking up crying which is so unlike her. And the next morning I realized that she had gotten her first tooth! Poor girl just didn't feel good. Then today (4 days later) she got her second tooth on the bottom. I got smart with this one and gave her some Tylenol. It's been a rough few days around her with lack of sleep between Brynn, Wes and I but hopefully she gets feeling better soon.

Now today Makenna had her first field trip at kindergarten! They went to Cornbelly's up at Thanksgiving Point and what do you think was her favorite part? Riding the bus! She has been wanting to ride a big yellow bus for as long as I can remember and the poor little girl has to walk or get a ride to and from school each day. But today she was able to go on her very first bus ride and she was ecstatic! I don't think she even slept last night because she was so excited! And apparently the ride lived up to her expectations because she said it was the best part of her field trip. I'm glad she could go and have so much fun.

And Kason. Not much is going on with him right now. He misses Makenna when she is gone to dance and school so I want to get him started in something at the Legacy Center in January. But he is just my favorite little guy in the whole wide world. He is so much fun right now even though he asks millions of questions, repeats everything Makenna says, never stops talking, and has even started throwing 2 year old tantrums. He is just so adorable and I just can't stand it! He totally makes me smile every day and I just love his big hugs.

Wow, they just grow up way to fast! I think if I could I would freeze time right now. All three kids are at such fun ages and I love it so much. I want them to stay little forever.

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