Monday, March 15, 2010

Disney on Ice

Last Saturday we took Makenna to see Disney on Ice. She just loves all the princesses so we knew she would love the show. We went a little early and were able to see Cinderella before the show and a bunch of the princess' dresses. She had so much fun and she would dance along with the music. Of course her favorite was Tinkerbell so she even dressed up as her. It was so much fun and I'm so glad we went and had a little family time.

She was so excited to see Tinkerbell fly through the air.

This is Ariel and Flounder

And of course the cars. They were lots of fun to watch driving and spinning around. Tow Mater even drove backwards.

Wes and Makenna before the show.

Katy and Makenna.

Dinner at Carl's Jr. before the show
We wanted to ride trax but the wind was blowing really bad and it was snowing and we didn't want to wait outside after show. So we'll have to try that some other time. I really think Makenna would enjoy that. But it was a fun night and I'm glad we ended up going.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kason's big day

Sunday March 7th was Kason's blessing day. He was such a good boy the whole time. He didn't even make one peep! It was a great day and we were so lucky to have all our family live so close to come and celebrate. Thank you to everyone who came to support us and help with food. Everything was so yummy!
The two cutest kids in the whole world
Kason slept threw most his party!
I was really excited about my dessert table. I loved the jars and the mini cupcakes and the cookies... okay so everything!


Yup, Kason has it. Note to self. Never have a winter baby again.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kason's 2 month's old

I took Kason to the doctors yesterday for his 2 month check up. He was such a happy boy the whole time. He just smiled and talked to the doctor and the nurses, it was so adorable. But then the dreaded shots came. Makenna kept saying no shots, no shots. She is so protective of her little brother. He screamed when he got the shots but then the nurse picked him up and handed him to me and he stopped crying right away. He just needed his momma. Oh I sure just love that little guy! Well here are his stats.

Weight 12 lbs 2 oz 57%
Height 23 inches 47%
Head circumference 15 inches 10%