Thursday, August 27, 2009

$2 Tuesday

On Tuesday I thought it would be lots of fun to take Makenna to the dinosaur museum for Thanksgiving Point's $2 Tuesday. I also thought that it wouldn't be so busy now that most the kids had started back up to school. But oh was I wrong. Cammy and Brandon went with us and when we got there at 10 the line was out the door wrapped around the building down the parking lot and almost to the petting zoo. I had forgotten the stroller and it was starting to rain. So call me a party pooper but I wasn't going to stand out there in that line. So we went up to South Towne mall where they have some dinosaur toys to play on. Neither of the kids were that excited about it since we had told them we were going to the dinosaur museum. So we went back at noon and the line had died down a little bit and it had stopped raining so we attempted it. The kids had lots of fun but it was crazy with people there. I think next time I will pay the full price and just go when it's not so busy. It was lots of fun and well worth paying full price. And then we won't have such a crowd. But here are some pics of the kids. They absolutely loved it. It's all Makenna can talk about still. So we will have to go back some day.

Makenna sitting on a dinosaur

Just playing in the sand

You can see all the sand in the air from all the kids

Playing in the sand and water

Standing by a dinosaur

Aren't they so cute!

This is standing under a dinosaur next to its leg. The dinosaurs were so big.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And it's a ...

So we went to the doctors today for my 20 week ultrasound. When we got there, they said the doctor was about an hour behind so just to come back then. So Makenna and I went and got some lunch and took it to the park. As soon as we got back to the doctor's office they took us right back to do the usual stuff and then it was time for the ultrasound. Weston finally showed up in time for that thank goodness. They went through and checked everything out and the baby is perfect. It was cooperating really good until we went to go see what it was. We never got a really good shot but the doctor thought it was a boy. Plus he said he saw it really good when he was looking over the body and checking everything out. So he was sure it was a boy. He said at the next appointment to just ask and see if we could look again because we didn't get to see this time. So hopefully we can get a good look next time. Now I just get to go shopping! I don't have anything for a boy. But that is probably the hard part. Boy clothes are just not cute. I guess that will keep me from buying to much or unnecessary things. But now we are a perfect family. One boy and one girl.

Crazy Tuesday

So yesterday was a very crazy day. It all started around 7 am when I could hear Makenna calling for me. Which is weird because she usually just comes in to my room and wakes me after 8. So I jumped up and went to check on her. She had her back turned to me so I just started scratching her back. Well the whole time she was asleep and I had just woken her up. We found out that her monitor had been turned off in her room and we were picking up some other kid through our receiver. Dang monitor. We will have to get a new one that is a different kind for the new baby. But anyways, Makenna wasn't acting very well and shortly after I woke her up she started throwing up. She continued to throw up about every 15 minutes for 3 hours. Then it turned to blood that she was throwing up. So I called her doctor and they said they couldn't see her and we needed to take her to the ER. Well I started freaking out because I have never been to the ER before. I didn't know where it was or what to expect and Weston was out helping survey so he couldn't go with me. Well I got her over to the hospital and they admitted her and then Weston was finally able to show up which was a very good thing. We had to hold her down while they drew her blood and took x-rays. That was the worst part. But they couldn't find anything really wrong so they just think she tore her stomach or esophagus because of all of the throwing up. So that was where the blood was coming from. So they gave her some nausea medicine and an iv and after 3 hours we were able to go home. I have to say that the people there were really nice and helpful. That was good. They even brought Makenna some toys to play with and a doll to color. So today she is doing better but she was still throwing up last night. Hopefully she is about over it and she gets better. That was too crazy of a day for me to handle.

Monday, August 17, 2009

2 More Days!!!

Wednesday I have another doctors appointment and it is our ultrasound! I hope the baby cooperates and we can find out what it is! Boy or girl? I honestly don't care. I want both. But as soon as I find out, the sooner I can go shopping! I just don't think Makenna's little sundresses from when she was born will work for a December baby. The suspense is killing me. I can't wait. But only 2 more days. I can do this. (i think)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shrinking Summer List

So tonight we were able to cross another item off our summer to do list. Thanksgiving Point is doing their $2 Tuesdays so we went and walked around the gardens tonight. Makenna just loved it. She just wanted to watch everything and everyone. Her favorite part were the waterfalls. She also really liked the ponds with the fish in it. It was a really nice night to go out together as a family and hopefully we can fit some more activities in before summers over. As usual here are some pics.

Makenna and Weston on top of the big waterfall

Makenna in front of the big waterfall. She just loved it here and would have stayed the whole night standing there watching it.

Just sitting on a park bench. Aren't they so cute!

A frog on a lily pad. I thought it was cute.

This was as close as we could get her to the water. She is so timid with things, it's just funny.

Monday, August 3, 2009


I have had this big list of things that I wanted to do over the summer. Well guess what? It's August and we haven't crossed anything off that list! One of the things on the list was to go swimming. So on Saturday we went to the Legacy Center and took Makenna swimming. She was very hesitant at first and didn't want to do anything but watch the people. But she started to warm up and her favorite thing was the big bucket dumping. She would get so excited and stop whatever she was doing just to watch it. She would just scream while it was dumping because she thought it was so cool. I was glad to finally get something crossed off the list.

Just hanging out on the side of the pool

In the little bouncy chairs

She kept wanting to go dry off on her towel.

Makenna and I just hanging out

She wouldn't sit in the chair and bounce. She just liked standing up in it.