Thursday, August 27, 2009

$2 Tuesday

On Tuesday I thought it would be lots of fun to take Makenna to the dinosaur museum for Thanksgiving Point's $2 Tuesday. I also thought that it wouldn't be so busy now that most the kids had started back up to school. But oh was I wrong. Cammy and Brandon went with us and when we got there at 10 the line was out the door wrapped around the building down the parking lot and almost to the petting zoo. I had forgotten the stroller and it was starting to rain. So call me a party pooper but I wasn't going to stand out there in that line. So we went up to South Towne mall where they have some dinosaur toys to play on. Neither of the kids were that excited about it since we had told them we were going to the dinosaur museum. So we went back at noon and the line had died down a little bit and it had stopped raining so we attempted it. The kids had lots of fun but it was crazy with people there. I think next time I will pay the full price and just go when it's not so busy. It was lots of fun and well worth paying full price. And then we won't have such a crowd. But here are some pics of the kids. They absolutely loved it. It's all Makenna can talk about still. So we will have to go back some day.

Makenna sitting on a dinosaur

Just playing in the sand

You can see all the sand in the air from all the kids

Playing in the sand and water

Standing by a dinosaur

Aren't they so cute!

This is standing under a dinosaur next to its leg. The dinosaurs were so big.

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