Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shrinking Summer List

So tonight we were able to cross another item off our summer to do list. Thanksgiving Point is doing their $2 Tuesdays so we went and walked around the gardens tonight. Makenna just loved it. She just wanted to watch everything and everyone. Her favorite part were the waterfalls. She also really liked the ponds with the fish in it. It was a really nice night to go out together as a family and hopefully we can fit some more activities in before summers over. As usual here are some pics.

Makenna and Weston on top of the big waterfall

Makenna in front of the big waterfall. She just loved it here and would have stayed the whole night standing there watching it.

Just sitting on a park bench. Aren't they so cute!

A frog on a lily pad. I thought it was cute.

This was as close as we could get her to the water. She is so timid with things, it's just funny.

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