Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dance Lessons

Today was Makenna's first day of dance class and she was so excited. We got her all dressed up in her dance outfit and did her hair and she just couldn't wait to go. Her grandma (Weston's mom) and her Aunt Cali are her teachers and it was all Makenna could talk about all morning long. I can't believe we actually survived tell class time. It was killing Makenna to just go. But she was just the cutest thing in the world. She kept telling me, I want dance, I want dance. Over and over again. So finally time came to go and she was so cute walking into class. After an hour I went to go back and pick her up and she was so cute dancing with the rest of the kids. They were dancing with their hands on their hips and jumping. It was so cute! When class was over I told her to go get her shoes and she was upset because she didn't want to leave. She wanted to stay and dance all day. But I told her we could go back next week and she was really excited for that. I am so glad we get to have her in some kind of activity. She absolutely loved it!
I love that face!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A very happy birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I think it was the best birthday yet. Weston and Makenna spoiled me and it was just a great day. Makenna slept in tell after 8 so that was very nice. And when I went downstairs to get her some milk this is what I saw.

Weston had decorated the family room the night before. Makenna was in heaven all day running through the streamers and all the balloons. Well, after we got ready for the day we went to church where Weston was great enough to teach our sunbeams for us and Makenna stayed the whole time in nursery. It was great. She didn't even hardly cry. Then after church and an afternoon nap, we went to my parents house for dinner. We had amazing ribs and bruschetta for dinner. It was the best. And for dessert we had this

Weston made me the cutest cake! I absolutely loved it. It was chocolate and delicious! I think I just have the greatest husband in the world. So I have to say even though I am getting way too old, this was a great birthday and I have the greatest husband and daughter in the world!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Utah State Fair

Well it wouldn't be fall time if we didn't go to the state fair so we went last night for our yearly tradition. It was lots of fun. Weston got off work early so we could beat the traffic and not be too late. Makenna fell asleep in the car on the way so it took her a little bit to wake up and be excited about everything. But she really had a lot of fun seeing all the animals and going down the big yellow slide with her dad. She even was able to twist Weston's arm to get a pony ride. That was probably the highlight of the trip. By the end of the night we couldn't get her to leave. She didn't want to come home because she was having way too much fun.

Riding the horses

Looking at the goats

Planting her pepper at the little hands on farm

We couldn't pass up the tradition of the big yellow slide

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Little Cheerleader

So this last weekend we watched the BYU game with my family and it was lots of fun. It was a really good game and luckily BYU ended up winning in the end. It was a close game. But here is Makenna all dressed up for the game. By the end of the game she kept asking to go to it. She was really enjoying it. So now we just have to talk Weston into getting us tickets for an upcoming home game!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Every since Weston and I have been married we have been wanting to go camping. We had all the gear. A tent, double sleeping bag, dutch oven, lanterns, marshmallow roasting sticks... You name it we had it. We had everything but the time. Until this summer. So we reserved a spot up in the mountains and invited my family to come with us. We went up Friday night and came home Saturday. It wasn't nearly a long enough trip. We had so much fun. I haven't seen Makenna in such a better mood. She was so excited and loved everything. That night when we were going to bed we couldn't get her to calm down. She thought the tent was the greatest thing in the world. She was doing laps around the tent. It was so stinking cute. And she loved to be there with her cousins. They are the best cousins ever and just love to play with her. So she loved every minute of it. So I'm warning you all now that this is a picture overload. We just couldn't get enough of this camping trip.

Makenna just helping dad get dinner ready

Makenna and Weston setting up our tent

Just hanging out

Weston cooking us some awesome Dutch Oven chicken and rice

We had s'mores for dessert. Yummy!

Just sitting around the camp fire

Makenna and her cousins. Brandon, Becca and Maddi

Us inside our tent the next morning

Makenna, playing go fish with Brandon

Hanging out by the little river

Weston and Makenna crossing over it

We love camping!

Makenna and Brandon throwing dirt

I was just watching everyone down by the river

Just having fun!

Shellie's trying to get Makenna over to the other side

Our camp site. Well this was two of the three tents we had up there

Going for a walk with Grandma

Just hanging out

Next summer we are going to have to go camping earlier in the year and go a bunch of times. We had so much fun and can't wait to go again!