Monday, September 21, 2009

A very happy birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I think it was the best birthday yet. Weston and Makenna spoiled me and it was just a great day. Makenna slept in tell after 8 so that was very nice. And when I went downstairs to get her some milk this is what I saw.

Weston had decorated the family room the night before. Makenna was in heaven all day running through the streamers and all the balloons. Well, after we got ready for the day we went to church where Weston was great enough to teach our sunbeams for us and Makenna stayed the whole time in nursery. It was great. She didn't even hardly cry. Then after church and an afternoon nap, we went to my parents house for dinner. We had amazing ribs and bruschetta for dinner. It was the best. And for dessert we had this

Weston made me the cutest cake! I absolutely loved it. It was chocolate and delicious! I think I just have the greatest husband in the world. So I have to say even though I am getting way too old, this was a great birthday and I have the greatest husband and daughter in the world!



Happy Birthday Katy!

Mike and Nic said...

It looks like you had a good one! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!

Sarah said...

I can't believe Weston made that! Good job!!! I am way impressed!