Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Look what Kason got for his birthday!

Isn't that the cutest/saddest thing you've ever seen!?!

On Thursday (the day before Christmas Eve), Kason had just finished eating dinner and had crawled over and climbed up the stairs. (This is his favorite thing to do) Well, from what Makenna has told us he was only about two or three steps up when he came tumbling down. He bonked his head and got a little carpet burn. After he stopped crying Weston put him down on the ground to make sure everything was okay but we soon found out it wasn't. When he went to crawl his left arm collapsed and he started crying again. He couldn't crawl on his arm. We waited until Friday morning (Christmas eve) and he still couldn't crawl on it so we took him into the urgent care clinic since our doctor's office was closed. They touched it and felt it and said it was probably just a sprain. So we went home but all weekend long the poor kid did a little half army crawl on one elbow and then up on one hand. It was so sad but so cute too. So on Monday, (the day before his 1st birthday), we called our pediatrician and took him in. He inspected his arm and then sent us over to the hospital for x-rays. He said you can never be sure that it isn't a broken arm just by looking at it. You have to have an x-ray to see for sure. So by the time we got back from the hospital the Dr. called us and said that Kason had a fracture in the wrist. We went back to the pediatrician and they put a cast on it. Poor kid had to suffer all weekend long with a broken arm! He was such a good boy though and was surprisingly happy. He would whine if he put pressure on his arm so he just compromised and did his half army crawl. There was no swelling at all so we didn't have many symptoms to go on of it being broken. But he will be in a cast for 4 weeks so it can heal. So for Christmas he had no cast but for his birthday he had one. Even though it was broken for both. He is such a tough little guy!

Kason's 1st Birthday

Kason had his 1st birthday yesterday and I just can't believe how the time has flown by. He is just the cutest and happiest little boy ever! Here are a few things about him.

  • His first word (or what it sounds like) - Oh ya!

  • He has been crawling since around 9 months and will walk but only if he has a finger in each hand.

  • He loves food! Almost everything and he will two fist it into his mouth!

  • He loves his older sister and wants to do everything she is doing
  • He is very wiggly! He will never sit still. Church is practically torture for us.

  • He loves balls and trucks

  • He loves music and will bounce up and down whenever he hears it

  • He likes to snuggle with us or a blanket. He is just a little sweetheart.
  • He can sign "all done"

So we had a Jungle party for Kason with all of our families yesterday and thank you to everyone who came and showed Kason how much we love him.

Kason loves his Mickey Mouse chair from Nana and Papa Taz

He got the cutest bike from Nana and Papa Powell

We had a giraffe pinata for the guests

He had a lion cake

Shellie helped me make these jungle animal cupcakes. Aren't they just the cutest ever!

Messy boy!
Happy Birthday Kason! We love you so much and are so happy you are a part of our family!
Love you Bud!

Christmas outfits

Here are the kids in their Christmas outfits. They looked so adorable at church!

Christmas 2010

Well Christmas this years was wonderful. I was not 9 months pregnant and having contractions like last year and I had both my kids here with us! It was so great!!! Both kids got spoiled and had so much fun. I got spoiled too from the greatest husband ever! Of course here are a couple of my favorite pics.

Makenna got the cutest pink shopping cart from Santa

Kason loves his big truck. He gets so excited to ride it and when it makes cool noises

Makenna got a Belle doll with a tea set

Kason loves his basketball hoop!

Makenna got the cutest princess castle and asks to sleep in it every night.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fun Christmas Activities

We have been keeping very busy the past few weeks and have had a ton of fun doing it all!

My very first apple pie made from scratch. So yummy!!!
Mailing our letters to Santa

Kason's letter

Just playing in a box

Makenna's letter to Santa. She really wants a shopping cart.

Playing hide and seek from mom

I really couldn't find them with the cupboard closed!

Decorating Makenna's little tree

Decorating the big tree downstairs

We bought a tree for the first time and it is really nice. Already pre-lit!

Just playing in the tree box

Weston's birthday morning

His red velvet cake. So yummy!

The tall snowman

Kason loved Santa. He just talked and talked to him

Makenna was really afraid but she had to go sit on his lap and ask for that pink shopping cart!

Our Christmas cookies

Makenna had so much fun cutting the different shapes

Kason just kept trying to sit on them
It has been such a fun and busy last month and we can't wait for the next few days to spoil the kids and spend time with all our families.
Merry Christmas!
Weston, Katrina, Makenna and Kason

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What's in a name?

I am for warning you guys that this is long and no pictures. This is not really like me but I just had to let it out. I feel like I've been holding it in too long.

Have you ever thought about that? What your name really means to you? To me it was just what people called me to get my attention. For the last 6 years I feel like I have become lost without my name. For anyone who has known me longer than 6 years, you probably know me as Katy. But once I met Weston I didn't want to confuse people since there was already a Katie in the family so I went by my real name Katrina. This past week I have run into some people from the past that called me Katy and it brought back so many happy memories and made me feel happy. I miss that. I want it back.

In the past month I have come to realize that my name, Katy, has much more meaning to me then I thought. It is who I am, my reputation, my identity, and my life. Unfortunately now I feel like that has been taken from me. My name has been dragged through the mud, ruined my credit and my reputation. It is just not fair. I have worked my whole life to be a good and responsible person but now that has all been taken from me by someone who does not have the same values, responsibility or work ethic.

So in an attempt to find myself, I would love to have my name Katy back but that is not possible. While speaking with the credit people trying to fix my credit they deleted the name Katy off my file and told me never to use it again in hopes that I won't get any future bad marks on my credit report. I know I have recently been going by my full name Katrina, but I feel like it has a bad meaning sometimes when people associate it with the hurricane. Death and destruction. So I am thinking I need to go by something different. Weston thinks I'm crazy, but I feel like I need this. When I was a waitress, (I know what your all thinking. Me a waitress? And trust me, I wasn't any good,) they always had me as Kat on the rotation chart. But I don't think I like that. I'm not a cat and I don't meow. So I was thinking Kate. Does it fit me? Can I pull it off? I don't know, it might be too close to Katy too but I just can't think of anything else. So if anyone out there has any thoughts on this feel free to let me know. Thanks!

Enough Said

Weston can always do things better than me!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Makenna has been dying to build a "nose"man (snowman) ever since the first snow fall. That is all she can talk about. She even asks me repeatedly for a carrot for his nose. So about two weeks ago I bought two carrots at the store and have been waiting for it to snow. Well it finally snowed last night. Makenna was so excited when she woke up and she wanted to go out and build a snowman. Weston being the greatest dad in the world came home during his lunch break to get her snowsuit out of the crawl space. (We really need a new snowsuit. The one she wore today was a 2T and she is in 4T clothes! Plus we didn't have snow gloves so her mittens got wet and cold.) (We weren't prepared for this at all!) So as soon as Kason went down for his nap we went out and made a snowman. Now keep in mind that this is probably the first time I have ever made a snowman by myself and the snow was already melting and hard. I couldn't get it to roll so I just piled it together. So nobody laugh now but here he is!!!

I know, he's not very big. Makenna informed me of that and said that Dad will have to come home and make a big, big one. But he's got two stakes for arms, (couldn't find any sticks), two rocks for eyes, a carrot nose and I even got him a broomstick! Now that's a sweet snowman!