Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Look what Kason got for his birthday!

Isn't that the cutest/saddest thing you've ever seen!?!

On Thursday (the day before Christmas Eve), Kason had just finished eating dinner and had crawled over and climbed up the stairs. (This is his favorite thing to do) Well, from what Makenna has told us he was only about two or three steps up when he came tumbling down. He bonked his head and got a little carpet burn. After he stopped crying Weston put him down on the ground to make sure everything was okay but we soon found out it wasn't. When he went to crawl his left arm collapsed and he started crying again. He couldn't crawl on his arm. We waited until Friday morning (Christmas eve) and he still couldn't crawl on it so we took him into the urgent care clinic since our doctor's office was closed. They touched it and felt it and said it was probably just a sprain. So we went home but all weekend long the poor kid did a little half army crawl on one elbow and then up on one hand. It was so sad but so cute too. So on Monday, (the day before his 1st birthday), we called our pediatrician and took him in. He inspected his arm and then sent us over to the hospital for x-rays. He said you can never be sure that it isn't a broken arm just by looking at it. You have to have an x-ray to see for sure. So by the time we got back from the hospital the Dr. called us and said that Kason had a fracture in the wrist. We went back to the pediatrician and they put a cast on it. Poor kid had to suffer all weekend long with a broken arm! He was such a good boy though and was surprisingly happy. He would whine if he put pressure on his arm so he just compromised and did his half army crawl. There was no swelling at all so we didn't have many symptoms to go on of it being broken. But he will be in a cast for 4 weeks so it can heal. So for Christmas he had no cast but for his birthday he had one. Even though it was broken for both. He is such a tough little guy!

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Holden and Audrey said...

Oh no!! I just want to hug him, he looks pretty stinkin' cute with that thing!