Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I need some help

Okay bloggers out there.  If anyone is reading my blog I have a question for you.  I tried to upload a post yesterday and it says I am out of storage so I have to purchase some more.  But it is $2.50 per month and I don't want to be paying for this every month.  I know its not a lot but I just don't want to have to pay to put up my posts with pictures.  Also I don't want to delete my stuff either.  So what has anyone done?  Do you pay each month? 

Next thing is I've also thought about printing them off somehow.  Has anyone done this or know how?  Weston wants me to make them into scrapbooks.  I've heard you can somehow although I don't feel like my blog is scrapbooky.  It is just basically a journal.  So does anyone have any suggestions on how to print it off or ideas on what to do?

I would really like any insights or opinions if you've done anything.



Rowley Family said...

This has also happened to me in just the last week. I think something is wrong with blogger. I would not pay for extra storage. They need to get something fixed!

Trent and Michelle said...

I know that Hailey in our ward had to start paying too. I would talk to her. I also know that there are websites that sell blog books and it is your blog made into a book. I really want to try that before they start charging me too! Good luck!

Rowley Family said...

Hey I discovered if you add a second author onto your blog that will give you another GB of space.