Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wicked Halloween!

This year for Halloween Makenna gave out all of our assignments and we dressed up as characters from Wicked/The Wizard of Oz. She was Glinda, Kason was a flying monkey, Brynn was Dorthy, I was the mean witch (Elphaba) and Weston was the Scarecrow (Fiyero). But Weston wouldn't dress up so oh well. And Kason didn't like his wings. But it was to all dress up together. We had a very busy day that started with Makenna's parade at the school, then lunch with Shellie, running past my moms work and Weston's work. Then we headed to Main Street to do the trick or treating there. Finally when Weston got home for work we went all around the neighborhood then we stopped by his parents and my parents houses. It was really a busy day but fun. Here are some pics.

Glinda the good witch with her wand
The cutest Dorthy ever!
She even had a basket and Toto
Our flying monkey!
And his wings that didn't stay on except for the picture!
All of us minus my boyfriend Fiyero!  Maybe next year I'll get him to dress up!

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