Tuesday, June 19, 2012

4 months old

Brynn had her 4 month check up yesterday and she did great.  She hardly cried at all with the shots and she had a much better day than the last time she had shots.  So all over it was a better trip to the doctor.  He said she is looking great and we can start with cereal and then veggies.  When I had been given the go ahead to start foods with my other kids I started that night.  I'm always so excited to start them on foods.  But can you believe I went to Target last night and didn't get any cereal?  I'm going to have to make a trip to the store today now to get some! 
Brynn is really growing up now.  She smiles and coos.  She loves to talk to people and toys.  Well actually she like to blow bubbles and spit at them too.  She's pretty funny that way.  She will try and put anything and everything in her mouth and most of the time its her fingers and thumb or her shirt.  She is so funny.  She holds her head up so well now and she can sit really good if she's being helped out.  She is always so happy and smiley.  Wes can get her to laugh really good and it's the cutest little laugh.  And I have really been pushing a lot of tummy time lately and now she is actually enjoying it.  That's a first with any of our kids.  Makenna and Kason just screamed so I didn't make them do much but with Brynn I have kept pushing it and now she is doing great.  Third times the charm right?

Anyways here are her stats from the dr. yesterday

Weight - 12.83 lbs   21.97%
Length - 24.75 inch 64.63%
Head    - 15.25 inch 7.52 %

She had a big jump in length so she's getting pretty tall and skinny.  Although she is getting chubby cheeks and she's always had a double chin.  But she's just so adorable! And we love her so much!  I just wish she would stop growing!  I want her to stay small and cuddly forever.

I like to take the kids picture each month to see how they have changed through out a year. I don't take pictures very well but here is Brynn at 4 months.

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