Monday, July 23, 2012

Kason's new obsession

Kason has a new obsession. Motorcycles. He's always gotten so excited when he sees them while we're driving around and then he saw them at the Rodeo. He absolutely loved them! Then Grandpa Powell came down and gave him a ride. He was in heaven! He just loved it! So I thought I would be a cool mom and I bought him a toy motorcycle (just a small one like the hot wheels cars) that he could play with. He loves it and takes it every where with him. And then the other day when we were leaving Costco there was a motorcycle that we walked past on the way out. Kason turned to me and said I'm getting a big, big motorcycle for my birthday.

I think we're going to be in trouble.

Kason and Grandpa going for a ride.
Makenna got a turn too!

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