Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Makenna's Birthday

Where did the last 5 years go? I can't believe she is so old! I can't believe that I am so old to have a 5 year old! I don't think I'm ready to have her going to school everyday either. This next year might be hard for me and Kason. He loves his sister and loves to play with her so it might be rough having her gone every day.So Friday was the party with friends and cousins and then Saturday (her birthday) she had to wait all day long to open her presents. The dance recital was at 3 and she had curlers in her hair all morning so I didn't want to celebrate and have pictures with ugly curlers in her hair. But after the recital she picked to go the the Pizza Factory for dinner where she devoured her "twisty breadstick!" Then finally we made it home about 8:30 and she opened her presents. She was very patient all day and she did awesome at her dance recital. We are so proud of our little dancer!

This is Makenna with her pizza. I missed her eating her twisty breadstick because I was out in the car feeding Brynn. But she loved it and ended up eating the rest of Kasons!

And here is Kason with his pizza! He was having a pretty rough day. Not much sleep with the camp out the night before and then he got woken up from his nap early so we could make it to the dance recital. 

For her birthday she got lots of Lalaloopsy's, pink cowgirl boots, a new sprinkler, a lite brite, a scooter and a soccer ball.  Kason got her a set of Ariel Squinkies and Brynn got her some princess wall stickers.  She definitely got spoiled with her birthday being stretched out into a 3 day event.

 Her Lalaloopsy school bus

He new pink cowgirl boots!  Isn't she such a model?

 Riding her new scooter with her cousins at Grandma and Grandpa Powells house

Shellie made yummy individual flower cakes.  Makenna wanted a strawberry one.

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and presents.  Makenna had an awesome 5th birthday!

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