Friday, May 25, 2012

Makenna's Dance Recital

Makenna's Dance Depot Recital was on Saturday May 12th.  She had two dances this year.  She did really well and she has learned a lot.  She always loves dance and has so much fun so I'm glad she has found something she enjoys so much.  Hopefully she will continue to love it and have fun!

Her first dance was Crocodile Rock.  She is the second one in.

Then her second dance was Surfin' USA.  She is in the front right here.

Here is Becca, Makenna and Maddi.  They all had performances and did a great job.

Makenna's Crocodile Rock dance costume.  Look at those long curly pony tails! 

Her Surfin' USA outfit and her flowers from Grandma Powell.  She was so excited to get them.

The two cutest girls around!  I can't wait tell Brynn's old enough and we can have two girls at recital!

Makenna with her dance teachers.  Grandma Southwick and Aunt Cali.  Thanks so much for being great teachers!

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Holden and Audrey said...

I just barely got caught up on your last three posts, you've been so busy! Makenna is adorable in her little dance costumes, and I hope she had a good birthday!