Sunday, May 20, 2012

Makenna's 5 Year Stats

I took Makenna to the doctor this week for her 5 year check up and her kindergarten shots.  She had to have 4 shots.  One in each arm and leg.  She was so brave during the whole check up and wasn't even nervous about getting the shots.  And then when the nurse came in and did the first poke she just started crying and by the last shot she was screaming.  Poor girl didn't even realize what was coming.  But she did awesome and she is so ready to start kindergarten.  She did fail the eye test again so we really need to get her back to the eye Dr.  If she gets glasses I want her to be adjusted to them by the time school starts.  But here are her stats at 5 years old

Weight                                        35.49 lbs 20.61%
Height                                         42.75 in   57.68%
BMI (weight to height ratio)       13.65       6.81%

She's our tall and skinny girl!

Makenna is a very sweet and independent girl.  She loves to play with friends and she loves to help me out by holding Brynn.  She is very excited to be going to kindergarten and she has loved preschool.  She can count to 29 and she can recognize all the letters in the alphabet although she still can't sing the alphabet song.  Silly girl.  She loves to do art projects and crafts.  Anything with coloring, painting, cutting or gluing will keep her occupied for hours.  And she absolutely loves dancing.  This year she has been in two different dance classes at two different studios.  And when we are at home she is always dancing around. 

We love our little ballerina so much and are so glad she is apart of our family.  Love you Makenna!

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