Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Round-up week

Last week was round-up week and boy was it a busy one! We started out with the picnic in the park on Monday, the boutique in the park on Wednesday, the stock parade and rodeo on Thursday and then the city parades and rodeo on Friday and Saturday. Plus I was put in charge of our wards float (very last minute might I add) for the parade so we have been pretty busy all month. The float turned out okay. Not amazing but okay. We did what we could with what time we had. So here are a bunch of pictures from last week.

Makenna in her cute cowgirl hat at the rodeo.  She was all in pink because it was "tough enough to wear pink night"!
Kason at the rodeo.  He didn't wear pink this year.  I got too much crap last year because I put a pink onesie under his denim shirt.  But he sure looked handsome! (both years)
This was our ward float.  The theme was Memories of...Capturing Summer Memories One Smile at a Time.  We had pictures of the ward kids all around the float and in the film strip. Since it was a camera my awesome husband even hooked up a light to a battery so it would flash like a camera.
Makenna was on the float Friday and Kason walked with me in the wagon on Saturday.
Makenna wanted candy on Saturday so here she is on the parade route.
Makenna loves to ride the horses at the park every year.  We tried to get Kason to do it this year but he just screamed!  So much for our wasted dollar!

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Holden and Audrey said...

Looks like fun! Good job on the float, I couldn't have done that!