Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kids Pictures

A few weeks ago my friend took some pictures of the two kids for us. They turned out so cute!!! I was so excited yesterday when I finally got to see them. Kason was pretty much a stinker the whole time so we didn't get any great shots of him but there were a couple that were cute. He just wouldn't hold still or look at the camera! Makenna was the perfect model and we got a ton of really cute ones of her. We did these pictures for Makenna's 4 year old pictures and Kason's 18 month pictures. Even though they were a month early for Kason I figured I better do them all at the same time. For his year pictures he had a broken arm so I had to wait a month to do them so they were late. Oh well. Anyways here are a few of them.

Isn't he so handsome!?!

So Adorable!!!

She is such a model with all her poses!

So cute!

The only one of the two of them. Kason just would not cooperate! He just wanted to sit down in the dirt and play!

I love this one!

Doesn't she look so big! So much older than 4

I love this little guy!

He wouldn't stay on the box. He is such a wiggle worm. But a cute one!


Gunnar and Brittney said...

Very cute kids and very cute pics!

Bus Stop Romance said...

Well, those are some adorable kids and some adorable pics if I do say so myself!

Bus Stop Romance said...

In case your wondering who Bus Stop Romance is, I guess it's one of Mike's blogs. Hehehe. I didn't realize I was locked into that account. This is Nicole by the way.