Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween 2010 Part 1,2 and 3

Last Monday we went and picked out our own pumpkins for family night. It was lots of fun to go walk around and look for the perfect pumpkin. Although we were a little late picking pumpkins and they seemed to be really picked over. That's all right though because we still had tons of fun.

Looking for the perfect pumpkin

Makenna looks just like a model here. I think we might be in trouble when she gets older!

Cute kids at the pumpkin patch

Bringing our pumpkins home and putting them out on the porch

Then yesterday we went to my parents house and carved our pumpkins. It was lots of fun! Makenna picked the castle to no surprise and Kason got a smiley face because he is always so smiley!

Here's our handy man cutting our lids off for us

Makenna wasn't hesitant at all to put her hand in and start pulling everything out. She loved it!

Kason wanted to help us too!

Makenna's Castle and Kason's Smiley Jack o' Lantern

Sitting by our pumpkins

Then last but not least the Halloween festivities wouldn't be done until we made sugar cookies and frosted them. Makenna loved cutting them out with the cookie cutters. I should have cut the recipe in half. We still have a ton of cookies. We need to get rid of them or I'll eat them all!

Cutting out the different shapes

Makenna loved putting chocolate chips for the ghosts eyes

Kason liked eating them!

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Holden and Audrey said...

I can't wait to have a kid old enough to do stuff like that with! You have such a cute family!