Monday, June 1, 2009

Cabin Time!

So this last weekend we made a trip up above Heber to the family cabin. Weston's grandparents have had it since he was a little kid and it is always fun to go up there. Makenna was so much fun this time because she was old enough to just run around and play. We didn't have to worry about her falling down the stairs or getting into the fire. (Well maybe we did still worry about the fire) But it was a lot of fun. I did get a little too stressed out by Sunday. But it is just hard being in close corners with everyone and getting little to no sleep and then having to worry about if Makenna has something to eat that doesn't contain eggs. But we survived and had an enjoyable weekend. Weston even took us down to Park City and we got a Carmel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. That was probably my favorite part. That and the four wheeler rides. Here are some pics. Sorry there's a lot!

Makenna playing in the dirt

This is where Makenna ate most her meals out on the front porch

Playing a ring toss game with Dad

Swinging whenever she could get a turn

Makenna loved playing in the dirt so much. Here she is putting dirt on the four wheeler!

After every 4 wheeler ride she would make us get off so she could sit there and play

Going for "a ride" with dad

She loved going for rides and looking for deer.
(She called them "a deer")

Just the three of us

Just playing outside again in the dirt. She loved it all

The cousins at the cabin
Sammi, Caleb, Makenna and Shali in the front

Eating Aunt Cali's delicious egg free dinner


Katie Southwick said...

Looks like fun! I understand the thing about NO SPACE to yourself and such tight corners. That is definately how it is sometimes! We wish we could have come. Too much going on, hopefully next time though! Glad you guys had a good time. It looked like Makenna had a blast with the 4 wheelers!

KinsRae said...

Fun, at the cabin with cousins are always the funnest memories growing up. Mckenna is such a cutie.

Mike and Nic said...

Can you guys take me with you next time????? Looks like fun!!