Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not a happy post

So this is not going to be a happy post so I encourage everyone to skip over it. 

I am going crazy!!!!!  For three weeks I have been changing beyond gross diapers, cleaning up puke, and doing millions of loads of laundry.  And plus I don't know whats worse actually being sick or having to take care of people that are sick.  But for 3 weeks this is all I've known.  Kason, Makenna and I have all had it twice and now Weston has it.  So now I have gone through two cans of lysol, two containers of clorox wipes, a whole bottle of laundry soap and one container of clorox bleach.  And not to mention the diapers!  I have cleaned this house top to bottom including all furniture, door knobs, light switches, toys and anything that can go in the washing machine.  And Weston had to rent a carpet cleaner and clean all our carpets becuase Kason does not now how to sit still and watch t.v. while he is sick.  Now as soon as Kason goes down for a nap I am tackling the fridge.  Maybe there is something in there that is expired or something that I can disinfect. 

But does anyone know what its like to be stuck inside the house for 3 weeks with two whinny kids?  Because if one isn't puking then the other is crying to go outside!!!  All I know is that if your, your spouse or your children are sick or have been sick in the last 24 hours with any thing much more than a runny nose please do not come near me or my kids!  Please do not share food or drinks with my kids.  If you so feel the need to get out of your house because you are going crazy (believe me I know) then please at least have the courtesy of calling or texting me to let me know because we will not be showing up.

There I have said it and now maybe I can relax a little bit before my next load of puked on laundry.  Oh and thank goodness for Netflix.  I don't know what we would have done.  Although I am out of shows to watch.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

p.s. Makenna told me today that I was a mean mom becuase I wouldn't let her have lunch.  Well I'm sorry, I am, I admit it but I am not going to be cleaning up after that again!

p.p.s.  And I am sorry to anybody out there if we have gotten you sick.  We have tried to be careful but after a couple weeks you think your all better and then, it starts up again!  So I do want to apologize to any of you out there that we may have spread stuff too and hopefully you can forgive us.  Sorry.


Mike and Nic said...

Oh I'm so sorry Katy! If it makes you feel any better at all, I'm also sick. Thank goodness my kids don't have it! If you need anything let me know.

Lauren said...

I'm so so sorry! Three weeks is a looong time. It's almost over, right? You're amazing to have survived this long. And, try Downton Abbey on Netflix. I promise you'll like it

Sarah said...

I'm sorry! Sick kids are the worst! Especially when it's coming out both ends! If it makes you feel better I was at the pediatricians office more times than I can count between December and February! This is the part of motherhood no one tells you about!!! And yes, I agree...I HATE it when people take their kids somewhere when they are sick! LEAVE YOUR GERMS AT HOME!!! Things will be better soon! Hang in there! :)