Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So much to say

Hi everybody! So much has been going on lately and I have been slacking on the blogging so I have so much to say. Well first of all and most importantly is Makenna started walking!!! Finally! At two days before she turned 14 months she started walking. It is the cutest thing ever! She still is very careful when she walks and holds onto things when she can but she is so cute! She was even running from me when we told her we were leaving my parents house the other night. It was so cute! I couldn't stop laughing.

Some more new info is that I got a job. It is selling shoes at shoe parties for a company called 4 the love of shoes. You should check out there website at 4theloveofshoes.com I just drive to where ever they tell me to and set up a display and sell shoes. It has been so much fun. The only hard part is pulling the trailer with all the shoes in it and backing it up. But I'm learning and it will be good to know how. I just do it at nights and on Saturdays so then I don't have to be away from Makenna too much. And they pay really good too so that's the best thing. I am going to save every penny so we can have a good down payment when we ever get into a house. That is my goal so hopefully it will work out well.

Well, we also just got back from the cabin on Sunday and that was fun. Makenna loved the four-wheeler. There is a cute picture of her walking at the cabin I will have to post. I am trying to get Weston to figure out how to put video on so I can show Makenna walking. We weren't very smart and didn't get any pictures of her walking. Just video. But it is so cute. Well tell next time!

p.s. Okay you have to check out Stephenie Meyer's website. I put the link on the side of our blog. I am obsessed with the Twilight books and they have quotes everyday from the new book and they have a count down tell the book comes out. Oh and I started her new book The Host at the cabin and it is really good too. But not as good as Twilight. I don't think anything can beat those books! I am totally team Edward too for anyone that didn't know! I don't know how you couldn't know!

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Nicole said...

I can't believe she's walking!!! They grow up way too fast huh? Congrats on the job! Sounds like lots of fun! Who wouldn't want to be around shoes while working???? I'll have to host a party sometime.