Sunday, November 23, 2008


Okay so everyone might think I'm a little crazy or dorky but I was so excited for Twilight to come out this weekend I could hardly stand it. You should have seen how excited I was the last hour before the movie. I wasn't for sure I could last any longer. But I made it and I had the cutest shirt to wear to the movie. It said "Bite Me (Edward Only Please)" And yes, after watching the show I would let Edward bite me! He was so cute and my favorite scene of the movie was when he and Bella arrived at school together. He walked around the car to open the door for her and he looked so good in his sunglasses and he had the cutest smile. I can't wait to watch it again. I keep trying to get Weston to take me but I don't think that will happen. Oh well. I'll just have to have another girls night out. Oh and my favorite band Linkin Park is on the soundtrack. I love there song Leave out all the Rest. Well I better get going and go find my real life Edward. I kind of think Weston has some characteristics of Edward. The dark hair, sideburns, eyebrows and those big round eyes. He has the longest fullest eyelashes too. Now if only I could get him to do his hair all cute and messy!

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Katie Hofheins said...

Katy, you might be a nerd....Twilight is good though. I haven't seen the movie but I've read the books. -by the way this is Katie (spelled the right way)