Monday, February 23, 2009

Draper Open House

I wanted a picture of us out front but there was no where to take one. But this is a good shot from the shuttle back down to the parking lot.
Here we are riding up to the temple

This weekend we went to the Draper open house with my family. My parents had gotten enough tickets that we could go with them. I was glad because I hadn't even thought about getting tickets. So I am glad that we were able to go with them. It was a nice experience although Makenna was not excited to sit through the movie at the church before hand. And then when we some how ended up in a room at the temple to watch it again she was even more restless. It was really nice to walk through and see all the different rooms though. I love new temples and they are all so gorgeous. It was a nice experience at the temple and then afterward we went to lunch at Goodwood. I had never eaten there and it was really good. So thanks to my parents for the tickets and lunch!


Katie Southwick said...

So fun! We have tickets for the 10th. I'm excited!

Heather said...

It is such a beautiful temple. How fun that Makenna got to go with you.