Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sweet Silver Lining

Okay, so I know that life is rough. I know that everyone goes through hard times. But what about when it is you going through those hard times? When everything that could possible go wrong in life goes wrong? Well all I can say is, that is our life right now and I am not dealing very well with it. Actually I am doing horrible at it. I have turned into this awful, mean, ornery, depressed person. I don't even know how Weston can handle living with me! Well I am through with that. Last week I went to the Kate Voegele concert. She is one of my favorite singers. It was a really low key concert, just in a club in Salt Lake. It was actually really causal because her tour bus broke down on the way to SLC so they didn't have the extravagant set up. But it was so much fun and she is the cutest, sweetest performer. Well, she played a few songs from her new c.d. that will be released in a couple weeks and one of the songs was called Sweet Silver Lining. As I listened to the words it gave me hope that things will get better. Part of the chorus said "I may be weak, but I'm not defeated." I think that during the last few months I have let life get to me and I was feeling defeated. But I have decided to change my outlook on life and when things get rough and everything seems to go wrong I just need to look for the silver lining in my life. That is my new philosophy on life and I am going to stick to it.

Kate Voegele


Sarah said...

I'm sorry you are having a hard time! I would say that I know how you feel and every one goes through it but I know that doesn't really make you feel any better! But I love you and I hope things get better soon!

Mike and Nic said...

A couple of months ago I felt the same way! Just keep your chin up and things will work out! I'm here for you if you ever need me.