Thursday, January 28, 2010

Big Boy

So Weston and I were saying last night that we just haven't taken very many pictures of Kason. I actually haven't taken hardly any. I'm such a horrible mom! We have tons of pictures of Makenna. I guess that's how it gets with each child. We better not have a third kid or there will be no pictures to prove it! Anyways so last night Kason finally woke up for the day around 11:00. So we got some cute pictures of him holding his head up. He was sitting so tall. I can't believe it's been a month already. I think he's grown so much and it makes me happy and sad. It's fun to watch the new things he can do but it's so sad that he won't be my little baby for long. I've got to cherish it will I can.

Such a big boy! (and yes, he scratched his check the other day)

So any guesses on who he looks like?

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Mike and Nic said...

Oh he's so handsome! I think he looks a lot like Makenna did when she was a baby.