Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Details of Kason's Birth

So I wanted to write down all about Kason's delivery and since this is where I have been keeping all our memories and journaling I thought I would do it here.

It all started with the most miserable and uncomfortable Christmas ever. Well for me that is. But it was all worth it to see Makenna on Christmas morning. I had been terrified my whole pregnancy that Kason would come a week early and I would have a Christmas baby. Talk about ruining Christmas for the rest of our lives. But luckily he didn't come. So at 8:30 on Monday morning we got a call from the hospital to come in to be induced at 9:00. We had to hurry to make it there but we did. So they took us in and had us do paperwork and answer questions and then they started my pitocin around 10:30. Then my doctor came at 1:00 and broke my water. I wanted to wait to get my epidural but by 2:00 I couldn't take it any more. So I got that at two. My nurse was just the sweetest thing in the world. She then told me to call her when I was feeling pressure. Well by 3:00 I was feeling horrible. I didn't know that was pressure. But I called her and she didn't come so I gave myself an extra shot of my epidural. Well then I got really sick. Dizzy and nauseous. So I called her again and she came in and put me on oxygen and checked me. I was ready to have this baby. So she called my doctor and he was there with in a few minutes. I only had to push through 2 contractions and at 3:38 he was here. It was so fast I couldn't believe it. He had the cord around his neck but he was okay. Weston cut the cord and our nurse went to work on him.

So later we found out why it was so crazy around there. They had 3 babies born in 3 minutes. (Kason was number 2). And they had 4 babies in 10 minutes. It was very crazy needless to say.

So here were Kason's stats

Height - 19 inches

Weight - 8 lbs 9 oz

The first night we were in the hospital the nurses brought Kason into me so I could feed him. It was around 5 in the morning. Well he didn't want to eat so I put him in his bed and fell asleep for an hour or two. I tried feeding him again and he started spitting up all this liquid and then he swallowed it and started choking on it. I flipped him over and starting hitting his back to clear it out. All the while through this I was hitting the call button and yelling for my nurse. I'm sure I sounded like a crazy lady. But they came in and suctioned him out so he could breath and then checked him out. He did it once again while the nurses were in my room. So I was pretty much scared the rest of the day. And plus he didn't eat for 6 hours after that. But we were going to try and leave that day but decided to stay another night in case anything else happened. I was to scared to take him home.

When we were leaving the hospital the doctor said he hasn't seen anyone that had a jaundice level so low. So he was completely healthy and ready to come. He has all this cute dark hair. Most of it is in the back so I'm sure it will get rubbed off. Oh well though. I was just excited that he had hair. He has really long fingers and toes and we can't decide who he looks like. Some say Wes, I think he looks a little like Makenna. So I can't wait to see how his face changes.

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