Monday, August 30, 2010

Where Did August Go?

I cannot believe that September is here in two days! Now, I love September because it cools off a little and I feel like the Holiday season starts with my birthday and then continues on with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's just the greatest time of year. But what happened with August? We were so busy and it just flew by! But we have had lots of fun. We did the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point, had our 10 year high school reunion (we are so old!!!), and we attempted to go camping. My uncle Darrell passed away and his funeral was the same weekend we were supposed to go camping so we had to compromise. We ended up roasting marshmallow's in Weston's new fire pit and making s'mores and then we pitched the tent in the backyard and slept outside. It was lots of fun and Makenna really enjoyed it.

This is Makenna, making sure that all the zippers and pockets in the tent work

Such cute kids!

Just the boys hanging around the fire

Kason and Nanna

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