Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Vacation

Last week Weston and I returned from a nice summer vacation. We left both kids at grandma's house and went to California. My dad had some free tickets that were expiring and he gave them to us to use. We were also able to use some points for hotel and then spent one night at Weston's uncle Tommy's house. We had so much fun out there. The first day we went to the beach and did some shopping. Then on Friday we went to Universal Studios. That was lots of fun. Although we got stuck on the tram ride and the King Kong in 3D broke down so we didn't even get to see it. But The Mummy roller coaster was fun. I was a little disappointed because the weather wasn't that warm. The beach was 69 degrees. Not the best weather for swimming but I did get to work on my tan. And that made Universal Studios nice for standing in lines. But all in all it was a nice vacation and it was fun to get away for the weekend. Thanks to both my parents and Weston's parent's for watching the kids, Tommy and Denny for dinner and their hospitality, my dad for the tickets and hotel, and my sisters for taking Makenna to the movie. Both kids got so spoiled and didn't even miss us, they were having so much fun!

This was our sweet rental. Wes was so bugged when he saw it. He was like this isn't a car, I rented a car! But I told him it was cool because it was red and it matched him!
Down on the Santa Monica Pier

Wes at the Pier

Both of us

Down at the cold, cold beach. Isn't California supposed to be sunny and warm?

I'm just pretending to be in England

Water World

This was when we were stuck on the tram ride just hanging out on the back lot

Out front of Universal Studios

This was the Santa Monica Pier. It was a fun beach just not very warm

Just watching the waves coming in

There was a cute couple getting married on the beach. They looked so young and happy, I just had to get a picture of there wedding

This is Weston's uncle Tommy

I always wanted one of these suckers when I was little so I had to bring Makenna one home. She loved it, but she dropped it the next day and it shattered. She was pretty sad about it.

We got Kason one too and a little stuffed animal. Isn't he the cutest little guy!

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