Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crazy July

This summer seems to be flying past! And July has been the craziest month of all. We had two cabin trips, the Highland City splash pad and we went to the zoo all in the past couple weeks. Things aren't slowing down either. That's okay. It's been ton's of fun and I just love this warm weather! So here are just a bunch of pictures of what we have been up to. I didn't get any pictures at the splash pad but we are going again next week and I'll for sure remember to get my camera. Makenna had so much fun there. Oh and Kason got his first two teeth. He got the first one on July 3rd, and then second one about two weeks later. So now he has the two bottom teeth. Oh and he is such a wiggler! He can't sit still for two seconds and he is all over the place. He just rolls for now but it won't be long tell he's crawling!

Aren't these two so cute! They were so excited to go to the zoo

This was baby Zuri and her mom. So cute!

Makenna wanted to ride the train and we got to see a cougar!

I love giraffes! Makenna's favorite's were the monkey's and the penguins

Just walking around the zoo. They had so much fun

This was on our hike up past the fallen down cabin

Makenna and Wes down by the little stream

She had so much fun throwing rocks in the water

This was Cam falling into the water and I couldn't stop laughing. It was so funny! And he only had one arm to try and help himself back up. (It's only funny because I had just fallen in a couple minutes earlier)

Such a cute family!

This was on our way back just before I fell down. Luckily I saved Kason from getting hurt. My leg on the other hand says otherwise.

Kason loved the swing

Wes and Makenna going for a ride on Cali's motorcycle.

Caleb, Shali and Makenna just chillin in the hammock